How to Create a Sacred Space for the Holidays

Sacred Space for the Holidays

Creating a holiday sacred space can be a new tradition for your family. It opens up the conversation for both the young and the old to share of the true meaning of your holiday together. It also holds the space so that each day when you look at your space, you are reconnected with the love and abundance of the Divine.

If you’re celebrating Christmas

sacred space holidaysEvery year, we put up a Christmas tree, decorate it with ornaments and lights, place gifts to each other at its base, and even leave cookies as an offering to Santa Clause. To bring the focus back to the spirit of Christmas and its true meaning, create a sacred space around your tree to hold the energy of this spiritual time.

  • At the base of your tree, set up an altar that is in a visible spot.
  • Make an offering of frankincense essential oil or resin, myrth resin and gold, as the Three Wise Men did. The gold offering could be a gold statue that represents the spirit of Christmas, or another gold item.
  • Incorporate stones that attract angels, such as celestite, angel phantom quartz or rutilated quartz.
  • If it speaks to you, you can display a nativity scene on the altar to bring in the miraculous energy of the birth of Christ.
  • Add pictures of family and friends from past Christmas to invite more loving energies.
  • Place a Quartz crystal cluster or a large selenite crystal around or in front of your tree to protect your holiday celebrations from negative energy and create a calm, loving atmosphere.
  • As with any sacred space, add any other items that represent the true holiday spirit.

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah

Eight days of Hanukkah brings eight days of gifts for family and friends. To bring the focus back to the meaning of Hanukkah, create a sacred space with your menorah to hold the energy of this spiritual time.

  • Set up an altar for your menorah and sacred items.
  • Make an offering of essential oil. The scent creates a space for spiritual growth and deep relaxation during the celebrations.
  • Incorporate citrine, which holds the energy of light, amplifying the light of the menorah. It also represents the Hanukkah meaning of turning darkness into light.
  • Add pictures of family and friends from past Hanukkahs to create joy and happiness around the celebration.
  • As with any sacred space, add any other items that represent the true meaning of Hanukkah to you.

Creating a sacred space for the holidays keeps the spirit of your holiday filled with spiritual meaning and allows for your family to connect in a spiritual way, rather than connect through material items.

Don’t forget to spread the holiday spirit and take a picture of your sacred holiday space. We would love to see your beautiful altars, so tag us on Instagram @energymuse! 


  • Reply December 3, 2015


    For a gold item could you place loose pieces of tumbled pyrite that you sell on your website in a beautiful bowl or dish as the gold offering?

    I love these new blog posts you are making and how to make our spaces more sacred…if there is anywhere we need oasis the most and and anytime of year it’s around the holiday season.

    • Reply December 3, 2015


      Yes! Pyrite would be a perfect gold offering! We are so glad you are enjoying our new blog posts 🙂

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