Create a Healthy Lifestyle Crystal Grid for the New Year

healthy lifestyle crystal grid

Living a healthy lifestyle can mean something different to everyone. It encompasses physical wellbeing, mental health, emotional stability and spiritual awareness. Creating a crystal grid focused on embracing a healthy lifestyle allows stones to work together to improve your well-being in all of these areas of your health.

Crystal grids transform the energy of a space. The energy of the stones work together in harmony to manifest an intention, while the sacred geometry of the grid helps you accomplish your goals quicker. Use a healthy lifestyle crystal grid to shift the energy of a space to be more health oriented.

How to Create a Healthy Lifestyle with a Crystal Grid

  • Ideally, set your grid up on the New Moon.
  • Use a flower of life grid cloth, the mandala from the Healthy Lifestyle Crystal Grid Kit, or another images that holds the meaning of healthy living to you.
  • Display your grid in a space where you need extra guidance for making healthy decisions. This grid works well in a kitchen to aid in making wise food choices, in a living room to discourage binge-watching TV or near the snack cabinet to prevent overeating.
  • Cleanse your space with sage or Palo Santo Wood.
  • Set up your grid, mindfully placing each crystal around the grid, visualizing optimal health, high energy and new habits radiating from each stone. Place the point in the center, ideally on top of your written intention. The stones we suggest are Quartz, for a focused intention on health, citrine to bring in happiness, rose quartz for self love, fluorite for peacefulness, turquoise for healing, sodalite for communication, blue lace agate to relieve stress, and carnelian for creativity and passion. All of these crystals combined with your personal intention will increase wellness in many different areas of your life.
  • Write your new year resolution or intention on a small piece of paper, fold it towards you, and place it underneath the quartz point for the center of your grid.
  • You can add in additional crystals if you feel called to do so. To keep the grid balanced, place stones so that they mirror each other and make the grid symmetrical. For example, if you place a crystal to the left, place the same type of crystal in the same spot on the right.
  • Activate your grid using a quartz crystal point by drawing an invisible line between each stone.
  • Leave your crystal grid up until just before the next New Moon.

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