Know What’s Right For You: Connecting with Your Intuition to Light Your Spiritual Path

Know What’s Right For You: Connecting with Your Intuition to Light Your Spiritual Path

Have you ever envied your dog? The mere suggestion of a walk, a pat on the head or that it might be time to eat launches them into an intuitive level of joy that Christmas morning, your birthday and a free trip to Disneyland could not rival. The hyper-sensitive, intuitive nature of animals is a survival technique established through evolution. It’s why dogs get antsy before natural disasters. They can sense it. Humans once had this evolved sense of intuition as well, but the more advanced our civilizations became, the less we needed our survival techniques. Many of our intuitive capabilities are still present, but often we ignore them, or dull them out with distractions. Reconnecting with our intuition can help us to recognize when it is trying to pull us in a certain direction. If we could listen to these signals from our highest consciousness, we could better align with our true self, our ambitions and our basic needs.

The body is really good as signaling to us when it needs something. Whether it is sleep, nourishment, water or relaxation, or body has a signal to get us to see we need to care of it. Intuition, as it has evolved to meet our modern needs, is our mind’s way of signaling to us that something isn’t right. The longer it takes for us to acknowledge and trust our intuition, the louder it’s message will sound off in our mind. An ignored intuition can lead to rash decisions made from a lack of insight. Getting back in tune with your intuition can help inform your sense of self so that you can see what needs nourishing. It will start you on a path toward rediscovering your spirituality. Once you are on this path, your spirituality and intuition will feed into each other, creating a cycle of energy and progression. Intuition is the light that illuminates where spirituality can take you. Through a series of easy steps, you can turn your spark of intuition into the torch that will guide your life’s journey.

3 Steps to Illuminate Your Intuition

Listen to Your Body

When you’re dehydrated, your mouth dries up, you get headaches and you constantly feel hungry no matter how often you eat. Your intuition sends similar signals when you are considering something you shouldn’t. Imagine you’re standing on the edge of cliff, over a lake of water. You friends are telling you to jump, but you don’t know how deep it is or if there are rocks below. Do you feel a tugging in your abdomen? Something beckoning you to back away from the cliff? That is your intuition. It shows up when you know you’re not making a choice that is authentic or responsible. Usually, intuition rings within your body in quiet moments, forcing you to question what is causing you feel that way. It is possible that this feeling is just fear, rather than intuition. Fear weighs heavy in the stomach before speeches, big moments or when deadlines are looming. It’s a stress response to fear that can actually be good for you, in small doses. Distinguishing between fear and intuition just takes awareness. The more you note when you are experiencing momentary fear and deep, intuitive pangs, the better you’ll get at knowing the difference.

intuition-spiritualpath-2Meditate with Crystals

Meditation is a great way to clear the mind, and listen to the body. It rids your brain of all distractions, and allows you to focus on your third eye. This is where meditating with crystals for intuition come in. Use a raw Quartz Crystal point to amplify your clairvoyance and intuition. Set an intention to tap into your intuition with a mantra, like: “I am open and ready to receive.” This clears the energy blocks between your lower and higher chakras, and establishes a balanced flow that will open up your mental inhibitors.

Give Into the Call of the Wild

Getting back into nature is a great way to find tranquility of mind and return yourself to a state of just existing in harmony with the Earth. Walk, feel, and listen to your soul. Notice all of the beauty around you. Let your intuition guide you. Nature is a place away from technology where you can reflect on your life. The conditions can be harsh, but the lessons nature will provide through tapping into your intuition are ultimately restorative.

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