A Crystal Ritual for Connecting with Angels to Know You’re Never Alone

A Crystal Ritual for Connecting with Angels to Know You're Never Alone

When you’re feeling isolated, overcome with sadness or are grieving from the loss of a loved one, connecting with angels is a way to know you’re not alone. It brings love and light into your space to lift you up and feel supported. It is said that everyone comes into this world with a guardian angel, but you have to call in your angels to connect and communicate with them.

Connecting with angels and the divine requires connecting with a higher sense of self. In your highest consciousness, you can abandon your body and this earthly plane, and enter into an enlightened one that is free of petty emotions and frivolous desires. No matter what your spiritual belief is, elevating the mind into a completely pure state will bridge the gap between your soul and whatever it is reaching out for; be it angels, the divine or energy of the universe. To accept this light into your essence, you must be free your mind of all thoughts. Feel a harmony wash over you as you sit in a calm and quiet place. When you have achieved an inner stillness, call out for your angels and ask for guidance – this is the key! Invite them into your space and allow for the answers to permeate your divine space, giving you insight into what your soul needs. Be receptive of this message. Breathe it into your body, and feel it enrich your perspective. Most of all, be thankful for the contact you have made with this divine realm. With this crystal ritual and crystals to connect with angels, simply by attempting to heighten your outlook, you will have prepared a home within yourself for serenity to exist.

Connecting with Angels: A Crystal Ritual to Feel Supported, Guided + Uplifted

What you’ll need:

Time Frame: 7 minutes for 11, 21 or 40 days

Connecting with Angels Ritual Steps

  1. Choose a space where you will consistently do your ritual each morning. Sage your space, and place a selenite crystal on any window sills to raise the vibration of the space.
  2. Cleanse your bracelets and celestite crystal with your preferred clearing method.
  3. Place your bracelets on your left wrist and find a comfortable seated position.
  4. Pick up your celestite crystal and hold it in both hands. Call in your angels, inviting them into your space. You can do this verbally, by writing a letter or through visualization.  It can be something as simple as this: Dear Angels, I ask that you surround me and provide me with support and guidance. Add anything else that you want their help with. This is your ritual for connecting with angels, so say what feels right for you. Personalize it and be as specific as possible.
  5. For 7 minutes, sit with your jewelry and crystals, feeling the energy of your angels surround you. Visualize healing white light filling your body, overtaking any dark areas.
  6. After the 7 minutes are up, place your celestite crystal in a special place in your room to hold the space for peace, serenity and angelic energy.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 every morning for 11, 21 or 40 days.
  8. Optional: For those dark days, add a selenite necklace along with your bracelets. Many of our customers who have been grieving or experiencing a particularly dark period have told us that wearing selenite has changed their life. Its energy helps to clear the darkness so that they can clear any cloudiness in their energy field so that they can see the good things that exist all around them.

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