Meet the Creative Mind Behind collidEdance

CollidEdance is a LOVE project. And everything this company creates is made from this stuff. collidEdance, under the guidance of founder and artistic director, Erica Sobol, is an ever-evolving professional dance company dedicated to blurring the line between dance and theater. The company’s Brooklyn, New York debut in 2004 received rave reviews and enjoyed five straight sold out performances. collidEdance has been based in our backyard, Los Angeles, and thriving since 2008. They continue to make and perform groundbreaking dance, inspiring audiences worldwide.

May 19th & 20th at the Avalon Hollywood, the collidEdance team is proud to present “runaway!”, an evening of dance, discovery, storytelling, music and love. “runaway!” is the story of detaching from the larger, dependable machine and going your own way. The story of a creature cut from what he was, tumbling toward what/who/where he will be…a love-letter to the underdogs from the underdogs. One for those who wander, who are often lost. One for the travelers and the lovers and the fire starters and the wild-dream chasers.

It is wild and emotional all the way through. The story is less linear than it is about an arc in music and a journey in the movement. Ultimately, “runaway!” is mostly about compassion. We all face adversity, we are all lost. And we can all save each other everyday.

“runaway!” features an all-male cast! 12 extraordinary, athletic, sensitive, impassioned, talented men. Erica’s work is built to be demonstrated with power, energy and volume. And these men execute it SO brilliantly.

Having seen Erica’s work in person, and having worked with her before, we know that this show is going to be truly magical. Nina Story and Keaton Simons will also be opening the show with musical performances. We are counting the days until we can see it and hope that you can see it as well! You can find more information and purchase tickets for the show here.


photo-main-2About Choreographer Erica Sobol:
Erica Sobol is a Los Angeles original, born and raised in the city. After high school, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in the performing arts. There Erica earned a BA in dance-theater from Barnard College at Columbia University and began her professional dance training at Broadway Dance Center. She also began her teaching career in New York, serving as a faculty member at Manhattan’s Peridance.

Erica has contributed works to Gay Pride NYC, Traffic (Tessandra Chavez, dir.), the Broadway Dance Center Performance Outlet, Carnival: a choreographer’s ball (in New York and Los Angeles and Sydney), the EDGE Annual Show, and many many others…In addition, her work was featured on So You Think You Can Dance: Ukraine, in a collaborative effort with London’s Sisco Gomez. And Erica was handpicked in 2011 as a finalist for the prestigious Capezio ACE award. In 2013 Erica won the grand prize at the Capezio ACE award.

She has worked as a master instructor at several dance studios and festivals all over the world, including Broadway Dance Center in New York, BDC in Tokyo, Pineapple in London, Harmonic in Paris, FnF in Poland (alongside world famous hip hop choreographers Luther Brown, Kevin Maher, Tucker Barkley, Tony Czar, Ian Eastwood, Nick DeMoura, and others), DiAmbra in Stockholm, Skip on Guam, and Mediterranean Dance Festival in Italy (alongside choreographers and dancers from Madonna (World Tour), Bat Sheva Dance Company, Nederlands Dans Theater, Kidd Pivot, and more).

Erica has appeared in Dance Teacher Magazine and in Dance Spirit Magazine. She and her work have been praised in multiple art and travel blogs. And collidEdance was featured in Dance Spirit Magazine’s “The Higher Ed Issue” as one of eight most desirable companies for post-competition dance life, leading the way in this professional dance phenomenon.

Erica feels lucky, so lucky, to be inspired every day.

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