Clear Your Head, Clean Your Closet

Years ago, I remember asking a wise woman, “What is the best way to clear my head?”

She looked at me and said, “Go and clean your closet.”

Clean my closet, are you kidding me?

My closet is a huge undertaking. It’s the place I dash in and out of, hoping that nothing falls before I shut the door again.  Did she know how packed it was?  It could take me days, weeks even, to clean my closet. Just the thought of it alone stressed me out.

She said, “It’s all symbolic. When the closet is cluttered so is your head.”

So reluctantly, I began…

I opened the closet door and pulled everything out onto the floor; everything out of the drawers and every piece of clothing that barely clung to a hanger.

The more I cleaned and organized, the more I felt the number of things to clean and organize grew.

I started to get mad. This was going to take forever! How did my closet get so disorganized and cluttered?

I had to take a break.  I was exhausted, frustrated and simply overwhelmed.

The next day, I started the process again. Slowly, I started to see the things in front of me materialize, transforming from an overwhelming pile into my treasured belongings.

I realized it was time to let go of all the old, torn and outdated things and make space in my closet for new things.

The bags for Goodwill started multiplying, and I started to have open space in my closet.  My clothes can now breathe and so can I.

Once I finished cleaning my closet I felt empowered. I felt clear.

The process helped me release, let go and make space.



It was true after all. I didn’t need to spend money or talk to anyone to clear my head. I just had to do an active meditation: cleaning my closet to clear my head.

It’s all symbolic.

By Heather Askinosie


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