Cleansing with Zodiac Smudge Sticks

“Smudging” is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessings, a powerful cleansing technique derived from an ancient Native American tradition. It is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place, object or space of all negative energies or influences. The idea behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to the negative energy. As the smoke clears and begins to melt away, it takes the negative energy with it, carrying it into another space to be regenerated. Many people also use Sage to drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings. It is also used in keeping sacred objects safe from negative influences.

Smudging can be very effective in times where you find yourself depressed, angry, resentful, unwell, or after you have had an argument with someone. We smudge our office on a daily basis to release any negative and unwanted energies in the space. We use it to cleanse our own auric fields, personal spaces and work area. It is also a great way to cleanse your crystals, gemstones, Energy Muse jewelry or any sacred items you have.


Our  Zodiac Smudge Sticks are each handmade with Sage and two other herbs that are connected with each astrological sign. Sage is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for clearing out negative energy from both the surroundings and objects. When burned, the combination of herbs in these Smudge Sticks helps to attract the energies of your astrological sign and to cleanse your space of any negative energy. Read more about the herbs used in each Zodiac Smudge Stick below:

  • Aquarius: Coconut & Lemon Grass bring uplifting and invigorating energies to your space. Coconut is considered one of the purest and most healing fruits. Lemon Grass is a remarkable natural healer that has long been used for headache and migraine relief. 
  • Aries: Peppermint & Ginger help fill your space with purifying and cleansing energies. Peppermint leaves have been found in Egyptian Pyramids, dating back to 1000 BC. It has countless healing properties. Ginger brings soothing and healing energies as well. 
  • Cancer: Myrrh & Jasmine help you to feel more grounded and balanced. Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that helps to bring beauty and wealth. Jasmine brings sensuality and passion. 
  • Capricorn: Pinon and Lobelia helps bring cleansing and purifying energies to your space. Pinon is said to be a miracle healing herb, used by Southwest Native Americans. Lobelia helps to open up the lungs, making it a wonderful herb to help with asthma and other respiratory problems. 
  • Gemini: Red Clover and Lavender are calming, soothing and healing herbs. Red Clover has strong cleansing and purifying properties, and is known to bring good health. Lavender is very healing and soothing. Just smelling it will immediately put you into a more peaceful state of mind. 
  • Leo: Frankincense and Orange make you feel more spiritual and energized. Frankincense is healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The scent of Orange immediately awakens your senses, leaving you feeling invigorated and inspired to live life to the fullest. 
  • Libra: Roses and Chamomile fill the space with loving and calming energy. For centuries, Roses have been valued for their beauty and their connection to love and romance. They are also thought to have strong healing powers. Chamomile is a gentle healing herb that is known for its soothing energy. 
  • Pisces: Chicory and White Willow bring cleansing and purifying energies. Chicory has been used since Ancient times for various forms of cleansing and healing. White Willow is thought to help with pain relief and to reduce inflammation. 
  • Sagittarius: Sarsaparilla and Agrimony help you to feel strong and balanced. Sarsaparilla is an herb found in the rainforest that is known to have strong healing energies. Agrimony is thought to enhances the strength of any healing herb it is combined with.
  • Scorpio: Angelica and Eucalyptus bring rejuvenating and soothing energies. Angelica is a natural herb thought to connect you with your angels. Eucalyptus brings a calming energy that is thought to help calm and soothe the lungs. 
  • Taurus: Cloves and Hibiscus leave you feeling rejuvenated and clear of all negative energy. Cloves are one of the most highly prizes spices, known for their medicinal and infection fighting properties. Hibiscus flowers energize the first and second chakra, undoing energy blockages and balancing these chakras. 
  • Virgo: Nutmeg and White Oak bring prosperity and healing energies to your space. Nutmeg is a healing spice that is thought to help with anxiety, insomnia and concentration. White Oak is thought to be a powerful protection and healing herb. It’s bark is one of the strongest natural astringent herbs available. 

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