Ritual Cleansing Before Meals

Since ancient times, Hyssop has been widely used for cleansing, detoxification and purification. Hyssop baths were typically used in cleansing ceremonies as personal cleansing types of baths to remove sin and negativity. I use this ritual cleansing as a way to cleanse before meals. Here are the materials you will need:

1 Large jar or pitcher

1 bundle of sprigs and branches of fresh Hyssop

Fresh Water

1. Fill your large jar or pitcher with fresh water.

2. Take the sprigs of fresh Hyssop and soak them in the water for a day or so, to extract the scent and essence.

3. Use fresh Hyssop branches to sprinkle this water over your dining table as a blessing before a feast. You can also sprinkle the Hyssop water around the space where a spiritual ceremony is to be held, or upon the heads of those who have gathered for a celebration.

The original recipe is from:

Everyday Herbs in Spiritual Life

By Micheal J Caduto


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