Change is in the Air! Be Ready with Crystals for Change

Change is in the Air! Be Ready with Crystals for Change

April is often a time of shifts. Spring has a way of bringing about change, some of which we had planned for and some we most definitely hadn’t. Surprises, both good and bad, are a part of life. Being able to adapt with raised consciousness, compassion and a sturdy sense of humor is what decides who will adjust and excel, and who will crumble. To be sure you won’t be anyone’s April Fool this month, take on the unexpected with crystals for change, transitions and positivity!

Crystals for Change

Healing crystals can help you find comfort in chaos. When it feels like your life is spinning out, or that you’re being dealt more surprises than you can handle, tapping into crystal energy helps to ground you so that you can find your breath.


Malachite is one of the best crystals for change, because it doesn’t sugarcoat the situation. It teaches you to look at the challenge you’ve been presented with realistically. Malachite encourages you to take on surprises with an infusion of insight and confidence in your heart, solar plexus, base and sacral chakras. To begin thinking about how to use what is unexpected to your advantage, work with Malachite.

Tree Agate

Finding a calm moment to root yourself in may at times be hard, but meditation with Tree Agate makes it easier. This crystal revitalizes your spirit with a shield of protection. Through comforting you with this feeling of spiritual protection, Tree Agate allows you to recognize that a strong and grounded approach is best when dealing with surprises. Even when you are hit with circumstances you cannot control, the two things you can control are how you look at and react to them. In working with Tree Agate, you’ll steer clear of the trap that is negativity.


Sometimes when we find ourselves having to make changes we didn’t anticipate, it’s all we can focus on. Using Morganite helps you to see all of the other aspects of your life that are consistent and filled with love. The loving energy that Morganite radiates hits you right where you need it most in times like these—the heart chakra. It will reduce stress that may be weighing on your chest, and bring you to a place of loving peace.

Crystals for Transitions

If one of the surprises the universe has gifted is an unexpected shift, lean into it with the positive notion that you will use this change as a springboard for more success. To amplify your goals and turn shifts into positive transitions, utilize the energy of the earth. No one knows about the changes and cycles of life more than the earth. By using the earth energy in crystals, we learn how to bring lessons from past experiences into our situation for full circle positivity.


Known as the stone of transformation, Labradorite will help you to flourish during transitions. With courage, confidence and a raised consciousness, you can conquer your fear of change and the unknown without hesitance.


Use this crystal to achieve deep, introspective meditation. In working with Rhyolite, you’ll focus on being in the moment and looking forward, rather than devoting all of your energy to the past and backward thinking.

Crystals for Positivity

Handling unwanted surprises is a lot more bearable when we stop seeing them as unwanted. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Especially when it feels challenges are beginning to stack up faster than you can deal with them. Instead of giving into negativity, it’s important to constantly remind yourself to keep fighting that dark urge with an energy of light. That’s where your crystals for happiness come into play!


As an energy conduit, Chrysocolla is the perfect crystal to transfer your energy and intentions into realities. Harness your inner power and positivity by recognizing all of the amazing attributes you have at your expense. In repelling negativity, both from outside sources and from within, you will have the emotional and mental stability you need to stay positive in this time of change.


Do more than adapt to changes; master changes with Carnelian. This is the crystal you want in your pocket for curating abundance and finding creative solutions. In working with Carnelian, you’ll find yourself vibrating with excess energy that you can use to handle situations like a boss.


This is the ideal crystal for optimism in the face of change because it provides a love of insight and awareness. You’ll find yourself looking at your situation with a hope for all of the positive things it will inspire. If you need to forgive yourself, give yourself compassion and stop judging your life, use Chrysoprase. Adopting those attributes will make having a more positive outlook on your future less challenging.

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