Chakra Opening Ritual to Reawaken Your Inner Rainbow

Chakra Opening Ritual to Reawaken Your Inner Rainbow

It is not news to say that physical health and mental wellbeing are deeply connected. Still, our society emphasizes financial success over spiritual wellbeing. This leads people into a happiness trap, wherein they believe that contentment can only be found in success, and that success is a perpetually moving target. In truth, happiness is not found in success. Success is found in happiness, and you always have the ability to make yourself happy. To improve your health, the first area to work on isn’t your carb intake, it’s your stress intake and inner balance. You can work on your health and mind at the same time with stress-reducing exercises like yoga, meditation and the use of crystals. When your mind is in a more positive and energized state, and your chakras are balanced and aligned, it is more accepting of new routines. Reprogram your life with healthy choices, starting with this chakra opening ritual to tap into your inner rainbow.

Chakra Opening Crystal Ritual

What you’ll need:

Time Frame:  11 minutes for 11 days

Chakra Opening Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage your space, and cleanse your jewelry and crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  2. First thing in the morning, place your Chakra Healing Bracelets on your left wrist. As humans, we are all spirit, our bodies linking up with the colors of the rainbow. When we are healthy and completely in balance, our chakras are aligned with the rainbow. When one of our chakras becomes out of balance, we become out of touch with that corresponding part of the rainbow. Wearing these chakra opening bracelets filled with rainbow crystals on this side of your body helps you remember that you’re a living rainbow, reawakening the rainbow that already lies within you. You are rainbow light!
  3. Place your grounding anklet on whichever ankle feels more grounding. Even though we are light beings, we still need to be connected and grounded to the Earth. In today’s world, it’s so easy to get out of your body and into your head. The anklet keeps you locked in and grounded into the Earth at all times.
  4. Close your eyes. For the next five minutes, repeat these affirmations to yourself or aloud if you’d like: I am grounded. I am creative. I am powerful. I am love. I speak clearly. I see clearly. I am divine. I am a living rainbow.
  5. As you go about your day, notice how you feel. Do you feel more grounded? Does something feel out of balance? What do you need to shift? You can make little notes in a journal to keep track if you desire.
  6. Before you go to sleep, take your jewelry off. Laying on your back on your bed, place your chakra healing stones over your 7 chakras. For the next 6 minutes, close your eyes and reflect on your day. What were the highlights? What were the small things you need to release? What can you shift to make tomorrow even better? The crystals will nurture your chakras, filling them with healing Earth energy. This will reawaken your chakras and bring your body back into balance.
  7. Place your crystals on your nightstand, and drift off to dreamland with a full heart.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 every day for 11 days.


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    Send me everything. I am becoming in touch with my spirituality and need all the material I can get on crystals saging meditation cleansing etc. Thank you:)

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    Carolina Rhinehart

    I just happened to type crystals and it led me to your blog….. very interesting… I should keep on reading it…

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    Eye opening blog. Just decided to look into stones and crystal energies and the body. Then boom…. I’m here.

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    Karma Conceptz

    Thanks for this awesome stuff and it is really awesome post.
    Worth Reading

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