Chakra Meditation with the Elements

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There are endless ways to balance the chakras, so it is important to discover the ways that resonate with you. Meditation with the chakra elements purifies the elements that make up your physical body. Each chakra has a corresponding element to it, and the healing meditation with each element provides an unique, yet simple way to balance chakras. Chakra meditations are an intuitive way to bring your awareness to what is causing a blockage or over-activity in a chakra. All of the chakras are represented by an element, however, the third eye and crown chakras are beyond physical elements, and so they do not have an element meditation.

Earth Element Meditation

earth mudra

Earth Mudra

Earth, the element associated with the root chakra, represents all solid material of the world. An earth meditation grounds, stills, and stabilizes you mentally and physically. It helps to heal the issues of the root chakra, including feelings of being left out, financial insecurity, and difficulty connecting with the spiritual side of life. This root chakra meditation will help you feel secure, bring positive energy into your life, and ground you as your energy rises through the other seven chakras.

If you can, do this meditation outside, however you can also chose to make an altar dedicated to the earth with soil, stones, sand, leaves or flowers.

  1. Find a comfortable-seated position on the ground.
  2. Make the earth mudra with your fingers by connecting your thumb to the ring finger on each hand, resting the back of your hand on your knees or thighs.
  3. Feel the heaviness of your body sink into the earth. Feel how your legs and sit bones are connecting with the earth. Think about how you are rooted firmly with the earth and imagine the earth energy being able to flow up through you.
  4. Repeat grounded affirmations, such as “I am firm and grounded,” “I am nurtured by the energy of the earth,” or “I am one with the earth.”
  5. Spend 15 to 30 minutes on this meditation. Practice this each day, until you feel contentment with the issues in your root chakra. To connect with the Earth on an even deeper level, wear our Earth Element Bracelet during your meditation.

Water Element Meditation

water mudra

Water Mudra

Practicing water meditation balances your sacral chakra, helping you to be more sensitive, intuitive, and adaptive to change. When this chakra is out of balance, you can become depressed, over-emotional, and aggressive. This sacral chakra meditation releases frustration and anger and develops enjoyment of the flow of life.

It is always best to do this meditation near a natural body of water such as an ocean or lake, however creating a water altar will also help. Gather shells, ocean gems, and a source of water to display in front of you. A magical way of preparing for, or even performing his meditation is to submerge yourself in water, either in a bath or in the ocean and allow yourself to experience the feeling of water around you.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position facing your altar or the body of water.
  2. Bring your fingers into water mudra by connecting your pinky finger and thumb together. Rest the back of your hands on your knees or thighs.
  3. Close your eyes and think about the qualities of water. Imagine you are just as fluid and expansive as water.
  4. Mentally repeat affirmations like, “I have the ability to go with the flow of life,” “I can adapt to any situation,” or “I am peaceful and nurturing.”
  5. Spend 15 to 30 minutes meditating on water. Repeat this as often as you need, and try to practice going with the flow and connecting with water in your daily life. Try wearing the Water Element Bracelet while meditating to further connect with the element of water.

Fire Element Meditation

fire mudra

Fire Mudra

The solar plexus chakra is the source of imagination, your vision of the future, and ability to take action. It is in this chakra that you hold and release past experiences. Fire is the element associated with this chakra because it has the ability to transform negative qualities into positive ones. A solar plexus chakra meditation on fire creates confidence, energy, and power to lead. When this chakra is closed, you lack inner fire, fear rejection, and desire perfection.

Practice this fire element meditation in front of a fireplace or with candles near you. Also, have a pen and paper with you. Make sure you keep your candles away from anything flammable.

  1. Sit in front of your fire, making sure you are sitting up straight.
  2. Close your fists, release your thumbs, so it is pointing straight up. Rest the bottom of your fists on your thighs.
  3. Gaze at the fire for a couple of minutes and then slowly close your eyes. Feel the warmth of the fire surrounding you.
  4. Think of a past unpleasant experience or relationship. Write it down on a piece of paper (you can simply write phrases or words to represent the memory). Hold the corner of the paper to the fire and allow the flames to destroy it, freeing you from the memory.
  5. Next, think of a current experience that is not going well.  Decide if you’d like to change the way it is going or if you’d like to completely release it. Write the plan on a piece of paper and put it into the flames, giving it energy to put your plan into action.
  6. Think of your future and what you’d like to manifest. Write down one thing you’d like to work on and hold it into the flame. Watch as the flame transforms your vision into reality.
  7. Close your eyes again and repeat affirmations such as, “I claim my own power and accept responsibility for every part of my life,” “I allow the fire to transform my negative qualities into positive ones,” or “I have confidence in myself to create my future.”
  8. Practice this for 15 minutes. As you move through your day, see in what ways you can transform yourself to achieve your goals. Enhance the power of your fire meditation by wearing a Fire Element Bracelet!

Air Element Meditation

Those who practice an air element meditation tend to experience life with more confidence and hope, and fewer mental limitations. Just like air, you’ll feel lighter and more care free. The air element is associated with the heart chakra, so this healing meditation fosters self-confidence, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional empowerment. Opening the heart chakra allows you to bring the energy from higher levels of spirituality into your life on a physical level by connecting the higher chakras with the lower chakras.

air mudra

Air Mudras

Sitting outside or near a window is best for this meditation, so you can feel the air flowing across your skin.

  1. Find a confortable-seated position.
  2. There are two mudras you can do during this meditation. If you are feeling over-emotional, lacking in joy, or selfish, connect your thumbs with the pinky and ring finger on each hand, and rest the back of your hands on your knees. If you are feeling lonely, isolated and afraid of being hurt, join your thumb and pointer finger, and rest your wrists on your knees with your fingers pointing down.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on what you need to forgive yourself for. Are there any emotional wounds that are holding you back? Who do you need to forgive in order for your heart to be fully open?
  4. Aware of your personal heartaches, say affirmations to express the change you need such as, “I forgive myself and release feelings of guilt and hurt,” “My life has great joy,” or “I am grounded, and my spirit is free.”
  5. Repeat the affirmations for 15 minutes and practice forgiveness and unconditional love for everyone you come across. Wear an Air Element Bracelet while you meditate to surround yourself with the energy of air element crystals.

Ether Element Meditation
The throat chakra element is ether, in the form of the sky. Throat chakra meditation on ether is said to enhance your mental strength and guide you into deep meditation. When your throat chakra is blocked, it can prevent you from expressing yourself. Alternatively, it can lead to too much talking, gossiping, and over-eating. Opening throat chakra shows you the balance of expressing yourself without over-speaking.

Perform this meditation when you have a great view of the sky, either outside or from a window.

  1. Find a comfortable seating position, remembering to sit straight up.
  2. Gaze at the sky. Notice how vast and endless it is.
  3. Close your eyes and begin deep breathing. Send the breath to the areas of your body that are in contact with the ground. As you continue to send breath to these areas, notice if you feel extremely heavy and grounded or light and floating.
  4. Now send your breath to different parts of only the left side of your body. Breathe into your left leg, left arm, left elbow, left cheek and feel how you are expanding to the left. Repeat this on the right side of the body, followed by your backside and front side. Finally send the breath upward through your shoulders and head.
  5. Lastly, feel yourself expand in all directions at once with each breath.
  6. Repeat the affirmation, “I am one with the universe,” until you feel that nothing limits you.

These meditations were inspired and adapted from “Chakra Meditation,” by Swami Saradananda.


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    I am very interesting in learning more about all chakra healing cleansing & balancing with crystals for yoga with dailymusings..

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    Thank you for this website of dailymusings I really enjoy doing chakra cleanings with the balancing with chakra healing of the crystals. Thank you very much!

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    Bringing harmony to the energy of the body and mind is really required to have a healthy body!

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    What is chakra meditation effect on the body?

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      A chakra meditation helps to bring all your chakras back into alignment. When your chakras are all aligned, you feel grounded, relaxed and in sync with your body. It connects you to the Earth on a deeper level to make life a little easier!

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