Calling Angels with Angel Phantom Quartz

calling angels with angel phantom quartz

Many people may not realize it, but angels surround us. Using an angel phantom quartz can connect the angels you need each day. It is also believed that each one of us has a guardian angel. Guardian angels are said to be watching over you at all times, however the only way to receive guidance or protection from them is you ask. Connecting with angels while using healing crystals is a powerful way to develop your spirituality and relationship with the world around you.  The angels are waiting for us to communicate with them, and the angel phantom quartz meaning is to nurture that connection.

How to Connect with Angels

  1. First, collect your angel phantom quartz, an intention journal or piece of paper, a pen, and items that attract angels such as candles, essential oils and flowers.
  2. Start your day by calling angels into your life that align with the intention for the day. You may want to call in your love angels if you are looking for romance, or the angels of prosperity, if you want to manifest abundance in your life. You can call on a specific angel, but you’ll experience more power with the help of a group of angels.
  3. As you hold your angel phantom quartz, write down the angels you wish to call upon in your journal or on your paper. This angel ritual is your own, so write whatever feels best for you. We usually write something like: Dear Angels, I would like to have my love angels surround me today and help me open my heart. Please provide me with warmth, protection and guidance to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  4. After you write your angel wish, say it out loud. Verbalizing your call to angels is a powerful way of invoking their guidance.
  5. Sit for a moment and visualize whatever angels you have called surrounding you. Allow your mind to open to the messages they send you today. There are many beliefs about what may be a sign from the angels, such as a rainbow or the symbolism of numbers. Everyone’s experience will be different—the important thing is keeping your heart open to recognizing the message they are sending.
  6. Place your angel phantom quartz on top of your angel wish for the day or carry it with you—whichever you feel is best for what you need that day.

Have you ever had an experience when you felt angels watching over you or sending you messages when you needed guidance? We are always inspired by your stories, so share them with us in the comments. 


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    Great article. I seem to be attracted to my angels these days, and it’s synchronicity with all these angel ‘things’ I keep coming across. I really dig your website. Keep the article coming as they are very educational. Blessings.

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