Bringing in Baby with Energy Muse

Karla Chin is a Holistic Healthy & Self-Leadership Coach and is the founder of Thriving Lifestyle. Karla shares Energy Muse jewelry with clients to complement the coaching that she does with them as another vehicle to help with transformation.

It started while I was browsing through Instagram, searching for users who took pictures of their Energy Muse jewelry. I came upon Karla Chin (@karlachin), a new mother of a beautiful baby girl, who posted a photo of herself wearing Energy Muse.


The caption read, “minutes after birthing my baby back in July. My #energymuse bracelet, ring, necklace, & “trust the process” mug helped me to have the fearless, meditative & unmedicated birthing experience that I had envisioned. Birthing story in the works!”

Inspired by her story, we had to contact her for an interview. Read below to see how Karla used different Energy Muse products to harness desired intentions and strength throughout her phases of pregnancy, and continues to use it every day as she raises a new life.

Q: How did you find out about Energy Muse?
A: I first heard about Energy Muse from one of my favorite artists, Jason Mraz. I saw a tweet from him that led me to a blog post about his Energy Muse gratitude bracelet. The whole concept of energetic jewelry (that’s actually stylish too!) got me so excited. From that moment on, I’ve been hooked!



Q: What are some of the positive impacts you began to experience upon wearing Energy Muse?
A: The very first Energy Muse jewelry I started wearing was the Spirit bracelet. My big challenge at the time was to overcome fear of judgment so that I could fearlessly speak my truth and express myself authentically. That’s why I was drawn to the Spirit bracelet. Within about two weeks, I started feeling so much more connected with myself. I felt energetically lighter and found myself taking action in my biz with more ease (and less fear).




The next piece I started wearing was Empowerment bracelet. It helped me to start recognizing and honoring the greatness that has always been within me. It also gave me the additional courage to trust myself when making decisions.

I now have a large Energy Muse collection, and each has served their own unique purpose but also complements one another. I believe that I’ve experienced such great benefits from my Energy Muse jewelry because I make sure to get very clear and connected with my intention for each piece.


Karla’s Energy Muse Collection

Q: What pieces did you choose to help you get through your pregnancy? How did these Energy Muse pieces help you through the different phases? 
A: During the pre-pregnancy phase, I primarily used the Pregnancy energy medicine bag & Destiny necklace (my fave!). My husband and I were envisioning getting pregnant in October 2011, and I set the intention with each piece that our desire to get pregnant manifests with absolute ease. I started using both pieces in July 2011 and got pregnant (first try!) in October 2011.

Even prior to getting pregnant, my vision and desire was to have an unmedicated birthing experience, and more importantly, be fearless. I knew just how important it was to take responsibility for my energy (thoughts, emotions, etc.) all throughout pregnancy. Since my growing baby would be absorbing my energy, I knew that it would directly affect the way she would feel about the world that she was about to enter. If I’m constantly in fear and stressed, chances are, she’ll be entering the world not feeling safe…which also leads to longer and more challenging labor process.

During my first trimester, I started recognizing birthing fears surfacing. I decided to purchase the Transformation necklace to help me dissolve deeply rooted and subconsciously adopted fears I had about pregnancy and the birthing process. My intention with this piece was to remind myself that I have all the strength I need within. I also wanted to release any negative energy that was no longer serving me. I definitely felt a huge shift and deepening of trust within myself.

I also decided to incorporate the Acceptance necklace during pregnancy to help me truly let go and trust the wisdom of my body and have unwavering faith that the universe has my back at all times.

During the birthing of my baby girl, I wore my Destiny necklace, Bloodstone bracelet to help lengthen physical endurance, and 5th & 7th chakra rings. I was able to have the fearless, meditative and empowered birthing experience that I had been envisioning and preparing for. I was amazed with just how much inner strength I was able to access as well as physical endurance. My OB had never witnessed a natural, unmedicated birth where the mama was smiling all throughout.

Post-pregnancy, I’ve been finding myself wearing my 5th & 7th chakra rings the most, since my baby loves to grab anything that’s hanging off my neck or wrists. 🙂  I carry the Protection charm in my purse at all times. When I go out without baby, I still gravitate towards wearing my Destiny necklace…my absolute fave out of all!

Q: What other Energy Muse pieces do you own, and/or recommend to others?
A: Are you ready for this? Here goes the list in order of when I purchased them: Grounding bracelet, Spirit bracelet, Pregnancy energy medicine bag, Empowerment bracelet, Wealth charm, Protection energy medicine bag, 5th chakra ring, Destiny necklace with coin, Abundance energy medicine bag, Manifestation bracelet, Acceptance necklace, Transformation necklace, 7th chakra ring, Protection charm, Guardian Angel necklace, Sedna necklace, Air bracelet with pendant, Groove necklace, Bloodstone bracelet and the clearing crystal cluster.

I’m always talking about Energy Muse with clients, friends/family & through social media. I’ve even been asked many times by strangers where I purchased my jewelry from. My approach with regards to any recommendation is to honor one’s unique individuality. I encourage people to visit the site and choose the jewelry that most resonates with them during that current time in their life. Your website does such a great job explaining the purpose for each piece, so I’ve never met anyone who had a challenging time figuring out which is best for them.


Karla’s beautiful baby, Karina! 🙂 

To learn more about Karla, visit:


Has Energy Muse helped you accomplish something in your life? How do you use your Energy Muse to set intentions and attain your desired state of mind? E-mail us if you want us to share your story to inspire others! 

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