Breakthrough to the Real You with Phantom Quartz

break through to the real you with phantom quartz

As children, we were told to drink lots of milk and take our vitamins so that we’d grow up strong and tall. Though we may have reached our peak height, and society may deem that we’re all grown up, the truth is, we still have a lot of growing left to do. Emotional growth requires just as much attention to nourishment as physical growth. Daily supplements of gratitude, release, forgiveness, acceptance, happiness and love are all necessary for our spiritual development.

To get these essentials, the balanced diet of a healthy soul should include meditation. Meditation ensures that we are feeding ourselves with stress-relieving tranquility. It’s a great way to open the mental channels, breathe in joy, make time for introspection and set intentions. It exercises the spiritual muscles. Rather than allowing them to relax into negative cycles, meditation trains your spiritual muscles to focus on gaining clarity of your unhealthy behaviors and how you can overcome them.

Meditation with phantom quartz is especially beneficial to the goal of emotional growth. Phantom quartz is a transformation stone geared toward assisting your journey with properties of acceptance and clarity. If regret of past mistakes often triggers a regression in your growth, you can use phantom quartz in combination with your meditation practice to forgive those mistakes, and identify how you can avoid them in the future. To explore new areas for growth in your life, use this 11-minute, guided meditation with phantom quartz.

A Phantom Quartz Visualization Ritual

Find a comfortable seated position and hold your Phantom Quartz crystal in your non- dominant hand. Look closely at the crystal and see how each pyramid continues to grow on top of each pyramid, creating layers. As humans, we are also made up of layers – many, many layers. See yourself within the crystal; see its layers as your layers.

Now, think about an area in which you want a breakthrough. Close your eyes, and hold tightly onto your phantom quartz crystal. Begin breathing deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Visualize yourself standing and see yourself expanding with each breath. With each exhale, expand further and grow taller. For the next minute, keep expanding beyond where you are currently. As your visualization comes to a close, take your new found inspiration for growth and carry it with you into every moment of your day.

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