Get Blissed Out with this Fluorite Ritual

Get Blissed Out with this Fluorite Ritual

Most of the time, when we’re asked how we’re feeling, the words “peaceful” or “blissful” don’t come to mind. While many moments in life may be less than euphoric, aren’t we a little too comfortable with how few moments are actually blissful? It seems that we have been trained to accept that life is often a rush of responsibilities, and that during the week, relaxation comes when catching up with television or social media before bed. While these activities may be a nice wind down to a busy day, are they really relaxing, or do they just distract us from how tired we are until we’re ready for sleep?

By accepting that our work days are meant to be stressful, we limit our joy to only a couple days out of the week. That’s a lot of life that we spend waiting to be happy. In making a conscious effort to find tranquility, ease of mind and spiritual harmony, we can find gratifying moments of pleasure everyday. Tell yourself that bliss doesn’t have to wait until the weekend. Remind yourself that peace can be found during the work day. When it comes to our other daily responsibilities—work, bills, chores—we understand that they have to get done, so we make time for them. But then when it comes to our happiness, our mindset shifts to a laissez-faire, “if there’s time” attitude. Let’s start thinking of our happiness as our responsibility. With this fluorite ritual, we have a set practice that we can schedule into our day to be sure that we fill our quota of bliss. Stop living for the weekend, and tap into that sense of release whenever you need it with this ritual to restore peace. 

A Crystal Ritual with Fluorite Spheres

Timeframe: however long you need on that particular day

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sage cleansing set to clear the energy of your space, yourself and your crystals
  • Fluorite Sphere or tumbled stone – Fluorite is the crystal of peace, tranquility and rainbow vibes. Think of it like an “energetic vacuum cleaner,” working to neutralize any negative and unwanted energy to bring you back to a blissed out state.

Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage your space, yourself and your crystals to ensure they are cleared of any unwanted energy and previous programming.
  2. Hold your Fluorite sphere in your hand. Feel its energy. Roll it around in the palm of your hand.
  3. Hold it tightly. Feel its message to breathe, smile and lighten up.
  4. Take a moment to look at your sphere. Take in its soothing colors that range from white to purple to green. See yourself surrounded by rays of light.
  5. Hold onto your sphere for minutes, or hours – however long it takes to remember that the energy of Fluorite lives within you.

Yes, you are a tranquil, blissful being. Fluorite is your touchstone to help you remember all that you are.

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