Beat June Gloom & Improve Your Mood

june gloom

Many times, June brings cloudy, gloomy weather in the mornings, leaving us feel tired, cranky and just plain blah–beat June gloom and improve your mood! Check out these tips to bring out your inner sunshine and brighten those June gloom days:

1. Get up and get out!  It may be tempting to spend your time on the couch or hide under the covers, but a good way to enhance your mood is to get up and get moving.  Take a walk, do a few sit-ups, move your arms, do anything to get your blood flowing. One of our favorite ways to ensure we get out of the house during the day is to plan a day date with a friend! Schedule time to go on an outside adventure or to take a yoga class. If you and a friend commit to this together, then you are more likely to make it happen!

2. Bring some color into your life.  Purchase some fresh cut flowers, wear a bright colored top or treat yourself to some colorful, crystal jewelry.  It has been proven that having fresh flowers in your home can instantly improve your mood. The fragrance of the flowers can help reduce feelings of worry or stress, as well as relieving anxiety. The colors of your flowers can also affect your mood, with reds, oranges and yellows creating a vibrant, exciting mood while greens, blues and purples establish a peaceful, relaxing mood.

3. Avoid negative energy and surround yourself with positive people.  When you are surrounded by negativity, it is easy to absorb that negativity.  You will find yourself stuck in that negative mindset of the people around you. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, there is no better way to brighten your day then to have a good laugh. The power of a positive mind is limitless.

4. Get out of your mental gloom.  Even if you feel a bit down, pretending to be happy for a short period of time will give you the mental momentum you need to start feeling good again.  Smile at strangers, sit up straight and listen to up-beat music.  Blast some music and dance it out!

In addition to these tips to brighten June gloom days and improve your mood, you can also try our 10-minute Feng Shui Home Energy Makeover to shift the energy of your home!

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