New Year Rituals with Bayberry Candles

bayberry candles

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through the month of December—which means that the New Year is just around the corner. Here at Energy Muse, there are a few powerful, New Year rituals that we do in preparation for the next year. You can do these rituals in your own home to ensure your year is filled with prosperity, wealth and good health. The first New Year ritual we want to share with you all uses bayberry candles!

bayberry candles

Our Bayberry Candle & Wealth Crystals setup!


Bayberry candles have been used for centuries in American and European history. They were traditionally given as gifts of prosperity and friendship, especially in celebration of the New Year. People also like to give a bayberry candle as an invitation to participate in holiday parties and rituals. Lighting one is symbolic of the bayberry candle legend: This bayberry candle comes from a friend, so on Christmas Eve burn it down to the end. For a bayberry candle burned to the socket, will bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket.

But bayberry candles are not just for the holidays, they are also a powerful energy tool to use for the New Year! For our new years rituals, we burn Bayberry Candles for the first 40 days of the new year. Doing this ensures that your new year will be full of prosperity, abundance, luck, wealth, good health and new opportunities. It is also particularly powerful if you are looking for a new job in this new year. We also like to place our crystals for wealth around our candle for added wealth power.

Here are the things you need to do your Bayberry Candle New Year Ritual:

  • 6 Bayberry Candles—They are each 7-day candles.
  • A permanent marker
  • A safe place to keep your candle burning
  • Our Wealth Crystals—if you want the added wealth energy!
  1. On the outer glass of your Bayberry candles, with a permanent marker, hand write your intentions for the New Year. Sign your name and date your intention. Place your 8 crystals for wealth around your candle.
  2. Light your candle in a sage place, where it can burn continuously—we like to put ours in our fireplace.
  3. Burn your candle for 40 days straight—the first 40 days of the new year. Make sure you replace your candle before it burns out.

You want to try and make sure your bayberry candles burn continuously, but we understand that this is not always possible. Just try your best! Also, make sure that you do not blow out your candle, because then you are blowing out your intention. Gently waft out the flame.


  • Reply August 25, 2015


    What time should I light up my bayberry candles during the holidays? Day or night?

    And do I continue for 40 days after?
    Where can i buy bayberry candles?

    • Reply August 25, 2015


      It is more important to start it on a Thursday between the full moon and the new moon. You should continue for 40 days ideally. We used to sell Bayberry candles, but we do not sell them anymore unfortunately. You can purchase them from most candle shops!

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