Avoiding the Perfectionist Pitfall: Crystals for Action and Release

Avoiding the Perfectionist Pitfall: Crystals for Action and Release

If you’re a perfectionist, you know it. You live it. And sometimes, you hate it. Perfectionism is a blessing when it comes to idyllic end results and attention to detail, but a nightmare when deadlines are nearing. Friends will tell you to leave well enough alone, but the perfectionist mind isn’t satisfied with well enough—it has to be perfect! So how does a mind that is singularly focused on attaining flawlessness learn to relax?

Like it or not, we cannot iron out the wrinkles of life. There will always be mishaps, unforeseen circumstances and things we can’t control. Learning to deal with these mistakes and cope with the flaws is part of growing as a person. Accepting imperfections can actually be helpful to your mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. By setting an intention to accept what we cannot control, we take a proactive step away from the perfectionist pitfall.

As a perfectionist, it is easy to lose focus on the big picture when you are so intently concentrated on the details. These crystals for acceptance, crystals for action and crystals for release will help you in being able to take a calming breath and step back for a broader perspective. When you get in touch with crystals for action, you are able to quiet the part of your brain that is constantly telling you to stop and revise. Crystals for action drive you to keep going rather than constantly questioning and fixing minor details that may not have needed fixing in the first place. Crystals for acceptance will address your desire to have control. There is no way to control everything, and the more you try, the less healthy you’ll feel. Finally, the crystal for release will help you to let go when the deadline comes around. Perfectionists are often liable to prefer turning in nothing over turning in an imperfect product. This is counterproductive. Crystals for release will assist you in the understanding that you did your best, and that will have to good enough.

This isn’t about getting you to stop caring. It’s about getting you to stop letting how much you care about the details, stand in the way of leading a healthy and productive life. So if you’re ready to set an intention to accept imperfection, embrace these crystals for action, acceptance and release.

Crystals for Action


Perfectionists spend a lot of time thinking and mulling over minute details in their minds. Vanadinite is the ideal remedy for people with a tendency to overthink because it gets them out of their head. Vanadinite brings the focus down into the body, primarily in the root, base and sacral chakras. Allow vanadinite to ground you in the passion and joy of creating, and quiet the doubting voices in your mind.


Malachite could easily be both a crystal for action and a crystal for release, but we’ll place it in the crystal for action section because it will bolster your ability to make solid decisions and stick with them. This is a crystal for wisdom, so not only will it help you to make strong choices, it will also assist you in breaking the negative pattern of allowing your perfectionism to get in the way of your goal and everything else going on in your life.

Crystals for Acceptance

Lemurian Seed Crystal

In order to accept mistakes or uncontrollable mishaps, you’re going to need a lot of compassion. Lemurian seed crystal meaning is all about expanding the mind to better understand and have compassion for the journey of life. This ancient wisdom will assist you in ascending the trivial matters that could once emotionally topple you. Connect with lemurian seed to look at the bigger perspective, and determine whether your perfectionist hangup is valid, or should be let go of.

Rose Quartz

We can’t mention the need for compassion without bringing up rose quartz. Rose quartz healing properties are all about self-love. It can be difficult for perfectionists to love themselves after making a mistake. Perfections have a high expectation for themselves, and turning in any less than meets or exceeds that expectation is grounds for self-punishment. Stop beating yourself up, and learn to love yourself even when you’re disappointed by having made a mistake. Through fusing with loving rose quartz energy, you can remember that nothing is worth giving up your happiness for.

Crystals for Release


This crystal will shift your perspective toward looking forward, so that you don’t get stuck in a cycle of looking back on things you wish you could change. Amazonite preps the mental space for release by ridding it of your fears, doubts, stress and anxiety. Cleansed of your negative focus, amazonite will leave you with enhanced intuition and rationality so that you can better understand why does no good to sweat the small stuff.


The mirror-like quality of obsidian healing properties makes this stone great for self-reflection. If you’re acting crazy about minor details and refusing to let go of your perfect ideal, obsidian will reflect that back to you. But that’s where the other beneficial property of obsidian, the ability to cut through toxic ties, will come in handy. Through tuning into obsidian energy, you will be able to break through the strangle hold you mind has on the idea of perfection, and allow yourself to enjoy the present even if it’s not perfect.

Remember, you’re attention to detail is one of your most admirable qualities. But your obsession with having things perfect or not having them at all, could end up being one of your least attractive qualities if you don’t address it. Focus on your mental and emotional health. If you pursue your personal wellbeing and joy with the same veracity as you have spent pursuing perfection, you can live a very happy and fulfilling, albeit imperfect, life.

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