Tricia, Your Joyologist

Tricia, Your Joyologist, is a student of life and a teacher of living. While living out her first big dream of being a live sound engineer, she saw first hand how even Grammy Award winning artists who "had it all” were not truly enjoying their lives. Inspired to make a difference, she created a new role for herself on the road to keep artists grounded, inspired, healthy in body and mind, and in integrity with themselves while they were living out their dreams. After being incredibly successful working with artists through the writing process, in the studio, and on tour she created her website, social media outlets and services to inspire everyone, everywhere to live a life that they truly love, day in and day out. She now works with clients internationally to uncover blocks, heal wounds, and rewire their thought patterns to put them back in the driver seat of their own lives, living their best life ever.