Attract Positive Energy with a Crystal Grid

Attract Positive energy with a crystal grid

Using crystal grid layouts in your home can transform the energy of your space. The stones work together, combining all their unique energies for one goal, which can amplify the intention. The sacred geometry of a grid also works with the crystal energy to make powerful energy to manifest results quicker.

Positive energy, whether it is love, happiness, peace or blessings, enhances all aspects of our lives. We have crystals for positive energy in each room to ensure that our space is inviting in blessings and that we have a positive environment to work and live in. Use crystal grid layout attracts positive energy into your space by activating the space with your intention.

How to Attract Positive Energy with a Crystal Grid.

  • Use a flower of life grid cloth, the mandala from the Positive Energy Crystal Grid Kit or another image that holds the meaning of positivity to you.
  • Display your grid in a room where you spend a lot of time.
  • Cleanse your space with sage or Palo Santo wood.
  • Set up your grid, mindfully placing each the crystal from the exterior and moving towards the center, visualizing love, happiness and positive energy radiating from each stone. The stones we suggest are blue apatite, fluorite and amethyst, which together enhance your intuition and bring blessings.
  • You can add in additional crystals if you feel called to do so. To keep the grid balanced, place stones so that they mirror each other and make the grid symmetrical. For example, if you place a crystal to the left, place the same type in the same spot on the right.
  • Activate your grid using a quartz crystal point by drawing an indivisible line between each stone.
  • Leave your grid up for 21 days.

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