Let an Apophyllite Cluster Be Your Cosmic Companion

If you’ve been feeling energetically off balance, or like the energy around you is building, you’re not alone. With a full moon and lunar eclipse happening on August 7, and a new moon and total solar eclipse on August 21, our cosmic influencers are gearing up for a spectacular display. Excited as we are to witness these rare occurrences, the question on our minds recently, has been: How do we keep our energy grounded, while major shifts are going on above us? The answer, we’ve found, is in an Apophyllite cluster.

The closer we get to a solar or lunar eclipse, the more chaos seems to pervade our mental space. While we can usually cure raised anxiety levels through tranquility exercises, the eclipse has an intensifying effect that makes meditation routines harder to slip into. We often find that we can’t keep our minds still long enough to concentrate on our coping methods. That’s where the grounding, earthly energy of an apophyllite cluster comes in as a clutch remedy to mental disarray.

Applying its tranquil essence to the third eye chakra, eases upheaval within the mind, and allows you to embrace the stillness of the moment. When it seems that there is movement all around you, the apophyllite meaning turns your attention inward. Eclipses and new moons represent wonderful opportunities to reflect on what is working in our life, and what need to be changed. They tend to stir up issues in our relationships that we have allowed to linger quietly for too long. With an energy that is similar to quartz crystal, apophyllite introduces clarity. It forces us to ditch our ego bias, and recognize the truths that we need to see.

Heather’s Crystal of the Week: Apophyllite

The pyramidal and cubic structures that appear on an apophyllite cluster, not only make this stone visually unique, they also give it a nurturing property. The cubes of green apophyllite open the heart to love. They help you to breathe deeper and plug into nature or whatever calms you. We like using this energy to combat the intensity brought on by the eclipse because it allows us to use the eclipse to our advantage. Through this energy, we be conscious of the issues that the eclipse brings to light, and address them in a mindful manner.

Apophyllite focuses on the future, and gives us an understanding of the potential it can have if we choose to make the most of our present. So if we decide that relationship has the potential to be greater than it currently is, apophyllite will provide an insight into what we should change. Conversely, if there are negative attachments or behaviors that we need to shed, an apophyllite cluster assists us in shifting to a healthier path. By infusing the spirit with a whimsical sense of joy, apophyllite helps you to approach difficulties from a lighter state. Use it as a touchstone that you can carry in your purse or pocket during stressful times, and have it in the bedroom to flood the space with love and rejuvenation.

To better connect with yourself during this month of eclipses, try placing an apophyllite atop a picture of yourself, and then setting your hands on the apophyllite. This will get you in touch with what emotions are most in need of a dose of truth. That intuitive property is also what makes apophyllite so powerful when used in an energy grid. If you are gridding your home or sacred altar, add an apophyllite crystal to cast an enlightening, yet grounding energy. This will likely play an important role for those looking to master the eclipse, rather than allow the eclipse to master them.

Try easing anxiety with apophyllite as well!

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