Anxiety Relief Ritual Using Lepidolite and Movement

Anxiety Relief Ritual Using Lepidolite and Movement

People are all about spreading positive vibes nowadays, but what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that we should ignore our other emotions, or suppress when we are experiencing the dreaded, negative vibes? Of course not! It’s important that we acknowledge the negative along with the positive, so that we don’t inadvertently shame ourselves for having a perfectly normal, full range of human emotions. That said, there are certain things we can do to cultivate positive vibes even when we don’t feel our best. Expressing gratitude through simple, kind gestures will often awaken the humanity in someone else, and remind you of the power you have to affect positive change. Do something creative. Occupy your mind with an activity as seemingly mindless as coloring or crafting, and you’ll soon realize that it has replaced the space that negative thoughts were taking up in your mind. Even within your own home, you can foster positivity through cleaning, smudging with sage, Feng Shui design elements, and calming crystals!

When your outlook seems foggy or not as clear and bright as usual, it can be a symptom of lasting anxiety. Maintaining the same environment during periods of sustained sadness only ensures that that energy will continue to collect in your home.

Then, no matter how you’re feeling outside the home, the space itself carries a sluggish energy that will greet you the moment you walk back through the door. So if anxiety is throwing off your mental and emotional harmony, your spirit and space need a little anxiety relief with a Lepidolite Heart.

Lepidolite connects with all of your chakras, recalibrating them, dissolving negative energy blocks and providing anxiety relief. Lepidolite hearts use gentle vibrations to lend a comforting calm into your chaotic mind. This crystal allows you easier access to reconciliation and positivity during difficult times. In helping you to reconcile past mistakes with forgiveness and love, lepidolite hearts help your mind to move forward and stop agonizing over things you cannot change. Rather than succumbing to your anxiety, use love and tranquility to recognize negative thought patterns and shift them. For those who are quick to react, holding a lepidolite heart in your palms during meditation can help you to take a moment to breathe and think before doing or saying anything you might regret. Where once you might have been inclined to let your anxiety over a situation dictate what emotional reaction you have, with the gentle support offered by lepidolite, you’ll instead look to consider the situation from a higher perspective. Just seeing a lepidolite heart in your space will help pick up your spirits, brighten your day and provide long lasting anxiety relief.

Using Your Lepidolite Heart for Anxiety Relief

Focusing too much on the future? Are repetitive thoughts overwhelming your mind? Or are you just feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Breathe deeply, listen to some upbeat music, pick up your Lepidolite heart and regain control!

What You’ll Need:

Anxiety Relief Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage your space, yourself and your crystals to ensure they are cleared of any unwanted energy and previous programming.
  2. Holding your lepidolite heart in your dominant hand, get moving. Jump up and down. Do squats. Shake your entire body! (Get creative here, whatever feels good to you in terms of movement). Why move? Because it helps you to get out of your head and into the present moment. As you move, you may feel a rush of anxiety, emotions and thoughts.
  3. Keep moving and feel the energy of your Lepidolite. Be completely present with your situation and experience it instead of avoiding and running from it.
  4. Keep moving. See this moment as an initiation to transform from a state of anxiety into a state of anxiety relief filled with movement and sound. Allow yourself to shift your state of anxiety into one of presence. Repetitive behaviors help shift the mind.
  5. Keep moving until the anxiety passes. And keep holding onto that lepidolite heart; a stone that dispels negativity and clears blocks. It gives you something solid to hold onto in times of anxiousness, guiding you towards that anxiety relief.

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