Stone Reading of the Day

Happy Friday! We did a stone reading in the sacred room today and the stones we chose were Amazonite, Malachite and Bloodstone.




Amazonite is known as the lucky “Hope Stone,” as it is believed to be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. It helps balance emotions and gives you physical stamina. Amazonite is also a stone of courage. It promotes confidence and excitement when starting a new chapter in your life. It helps with anxiety, self neglect and mood swings, and encourages living a healthy lifestyle.






Malachite is a stone of transformation that assists in clearing and cleansing all the chakras. It facilita tes the release of negative experiences so that you can heal and regain hope. Malachite is very inspiring, purifying and compassionate. It works to attract love by opening the heart and expanding romantic communication. It works to balance and clear the heart chakra and throat chakra, which allows for greater openness in relationships.






The Ancient Greeks valued Bloodstone as a lift-bringing precious stone. The green is symbolic of the Earth and the red is symbolic of the blood of the Earth. It is a powerful healing stone that assists  in removing blocked energy throughout the body.




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