Achieving New Year Resolutions with Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz for the Full Super Moon

The New Year brings new beginnings, transformation and growth.  Looking at the past year, it’s likely that you’re ending 2015 as a completely different person than when it began.

Sometimes we associate change with endings, stress or other negative emotions because we’ve become attached to the way things were. We forget that our purpose in life is to continue to grow and change each day, striving to be our highest self. Often times change does mean things end, it may cause stress or uneasiness, but with that comes new opportunity, higher levels of understanding and ultimately a better version of us.

rutilated quartz pointSetting a New Year Resolution forces us to come face to face with our shadow self—the qualities, beliefs and past trauma that we don’t necessarily want to face— in order to drive our resolution. Bringing up these aspects of our self that we don’t want to face, allows us to see where we have room to grow, transform and heal. If we are prepared to come face-to-face with our shadow-side and accept it with open hearts, we can discover so much about ourselves. Doing so also gets to the root of our resolution, showing us exactly why we need to spend time with that particular New Year resolution.

During this time of year focused around transformation, its important that we don’t feel alone or unsupported. The rutilated quartz meaning is to surround us with divine guidance and love. Working with rutile quartz guides you to become aware of the deeper support that always surrounds you. This spiritual healing ritual will allow prepare you to face these challenges head on and feel guided and supported as you do so.

  1. As with all of our rituals, begin by cleansing your space so you can ensure to remove any negative energy and to bring your mind into the moment.
  2. Set up a small sacred space with your healing crystals and a candle. Make sure to have a piece of paper and a pen as well.
  3. Start by picking a New Year Resolution that will contribute to you becoming the highest possible version of your self.
  4. Write your New Year Resolution down in your journal. Then write down all the reasons this intention is important to you. Write as with as much detail as possible, pulling on reasons from the past, present and future such as, I want to run everyday because in the past it made me so happy, and I haven’t been setting time aside for my health and wellbeing recently, but moving forward I know I need to take care of my body to keep prevent illnesses and to stay strong on my spiritual path. Expand as much as you can citing past experiences, current emotions and hopes for the future to serve as inspiration for achieving your new year resolution.
  5.  Then write down all the experiences, emotions, beliefs and habits that have been holding you back from achieving your intention in the past. Again, try to be as specific as possibly, truly digging deep into to find the root cause as to why you haven’t achieved this intention before now.
  6. Next, write down what type of support you need from yourself and others in order to accomplish your new years resolution. You may need to spend more time with a friend who has already achieved the same goal, or to avoid seeing friends who might cause you to deter from your goal. Try to come up with as many ways as possible that you can find support.
  7. On another piece of paper, write down your intentions and a plan of action for yourself. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve, how you can achieve it and what you can do each day and month to make that happen. Break down what you want to achieve into something attainable to work towards each month, week and day and set a schedule for yourself to follow.
  8. Place your rutile quartz on top of your plan. Using the energy of the crystal, bring into your awareness your support structure that will help you achieve your intentions. This can be a friend and family, teachers, inspirational books or quotes, the Divine, spiritual leaders or guides.
  9. Each day, spend time in your sacred space, reflecting on your goals for the year. Remind yourself everyday that although you have these plans set for yourself, that you might be guided in a different direction. The plan is meant to act as an energetic catalyst to start a journey to your best self, and in doing so; you may find a calling for another path. For example, if you’re new year goal is to run everyday in order to become healthier, you may find come February that you’re miserable running everyday, and instead be guided to go to yoga or a spin class each day instead. Be open to that guidance, but remember to continue working toward your overall intention.

Using a rutilated quartz point as part of your daily routine will help guide you towards your true path and provide support through all challenges and triumphs. Writing down your emotional reasoning for wanting to achieve your New Year Resolution, and finding support beforehand to stay on your journey, are effective ways to enhancing your willpower and the energy of your intention.


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