Create an Abundance of Cheer: Tune In to the Energy of the Season

The holidays are often about abundance. We eat an abundance of food. We buy an abundance of things. But what if we manifested an abundance of something different this holiday season? Make this winter about creating an abundance of things that matter, like love, generosity and gratitude.

By grounding ourselves in this effort early on, we can spend our holidays collecting positive moments that we can cherish for far longer than material things. After the season of giving, we’re often so exhausted from all the running around for gifts and events, that the gift we want most is about two weeks of uninterrupted sleep. Filling your soul with restorative positivity will keep you from feeling tapped out by January. Stimulate the good cheer all winter long with these tips for tuning in to the energy of the season.

Burn Frankincense Resin

Fill your spirit with vibrant positivity, while filling your home with sweet, honeyed scents! Frankincense resin was said to have been one of the three gifts presented by the wise men, but you don’t need a wise man to get your hands on some frankincense in this day and age. Lucky for you, it’s easy to get and easy to use. Just burning a few pieces of frankincense resin over a charcoal disk can provide enough smoke to cleanse the energy of your home with. Not only will frankincense burning benefits help to purify the energy of your spirit and space, they will also unblock the stuffy nasal passages that are common around this time of year. Whenever you start to feel anxious, stressed or depressed during the holidays, burn frankincense resin. It allows you to deepen your meditation, and focus on what energy and state of mind you’d like to shift into.

Give a Gift to Someone in Need

As much as we might think we need that Vitamix or super cool watch, seeing someone who is in true need can bring our needs and wants back into perspective. Buying a blanket or food for someone who is going without during the holidays can improve their life a little bit during this hard time. This act of care and connection can restore faith in both your souls, and for the price of only one small gift. That’s might just be the best deal of the season.  

Rejuvenate With an Crystal Foot Bath

All that walking around we have to do during the holidays can take a toll on our feet and energy levels. Rest and restore both with this simple and luxurious self-spa technique. For this spa, you’ll need a bowl large enough to fit your feet in, a pitcher of warm water, 1 cup of Epsom salts and an array of grounding tumbled stones – we like to use Onyx, Obsidian, Basalt or Hematite.

Arrange the grounding crystals on the bottom of the bowl. If you can, try to get them to cover the whole surface. Then pour the Epsom salts in, followed by the warm water. Then, sit down and begin soaking your feet in it. Enjoy this peaceful moment to yourself, and try not to think about to-do lists or anything that’s stressing you out.

Rub your feet over the stones, hitting your different reflexology points. The black stones are great for detoxing from negative energy like stress. It also brings on an awareness and open-mindedness that can assist you in finding ways to give back and be more generous during the holidays. 

Volunteer at a Convalescent Home

Brighten up someone’s day by volunteering at a convalescent home. This time of year can be lonely for some, so it’s important that we come together to make sure everyone feels loved and cherished. The connection with others while volunteering can be a powerful and lasting memory. Plus, doing this now will make it easier for you to continue volunteering in the year to come.      

Leave a Flower With A Kind Note Attached For Someone Else to Enjoy

There are few things more delightful than being surprised with a fresh flower. Whether you leave it on someone’s windshield or doorstep, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face and new vibrancy to their spirit.  

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    I love these suggestions! Christmas is way too commercialized for me. I enjoy being with friends and family to eat a good meal and visit. Presents are more of a headache than anything to me. I like crystal foot bath. I use lavender Epsom salts in my foot bath and it feels wonderful. The crystals will make this much more effective. Thank you.

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