A Crystallized Guide to Youthful Living

A Crystallized Guide to Youthful Living

Since the legend of the fountain of youth began, people have been on a quest to prevent aging. Society may have advanced from the search for a miracle fountain, to the search for a miracle product, but it still holds onto the same notion that the key to maintaining youthful living is something external.

Maybe that’s because we see aging as a sort of skin defect. Products that offer topical cures to aging target wrinkles as the root cause of an older appearance. Why, then, do even those without a single crease still suffer from the same lack of youthful glow as the rest of us? Are wrinkles really what we should be fighting, or are they simply a symptom of a bigger problem? Instead of seeking anti-aging products, maybe what we really need are anti-stress products.

Our glow is our energy; it’s internal. When we’re stressed, that glow dims. Our fears and anxieties throw off our sleep rhythm, cause us to crave all the wrong foods and give us a grim outlook about our future. All of these symptoms can then have a negative impact on our skin. Luckily, stress isn’t something that we need a bottled cure for. By changing our lifestyle, and focusing on maintaining a positive energy and embracing the concept of youthful living, we can glow at any age. Just as we get our summer sheen from soaking in sun, exercise and lots of relaxation, continuing these practices with just a little effort will help us to shine with positivity all year long.  

3 Simple Tips for Youthful Living

Change Your Attitude

It all starts with your attitude. If you’ve ever met someone with a bad attitude, you’re probably aware of what kind of energy they put off—unwelcoming, uninspiring and certainly not glow worthy. Studies have shown that a sense of purpose and drive can contribute to a longer and more fulfilling life. The difference is like having a tedious job that you hate, as compared to having a job that you love—one has you constantly watching the clock, and the other makes you forget about the clock all together. Find something that you’re passionate about, and you’ll forget about the clock of your age. Discovering a positive opportunity in every situation is not only beneficial to overcoming difficulties, it’s also great for your skin!

A Crystal Tip: Use a rose quartz or nuummite facial wand as a spiritual highlighter, brighting your facial energy with universal love, stress relief and confidence. You can also try one of Heather’s crystal facial grids

Get More Sleep

One thing we all wish we could do more of, is sleep—a true key to youthful living. It’s vital to life itself—and we know from numerous studies that more sleep can reduce the effects of aging on the skin—yet, we still put it off in lieu of more time on social media or watching television. Aside from those who suffer from insomnia, getting a better night’s sleep is really just as issue of prioritizing. Make getting at least 7 hours of sleep a priority by working your schedule around this curfew. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed, and inspired to keep the positive momentum going with healthier decisions throughout your day.

A Crystal Tip: An amethyst stone and selenite crystal under the pillow or on the night stand can make for crystal lullabies soothing you to sleep with their relaxing energy. Relieve you mind of tension and anxiety by tuning into the gentle energy of these restful night crystals.

Eat a Balanced Diet and Don’t Forget to Exercise

It turns out, how we nourish our bodies can also affect how we nourish our energy, but you probably didn’t need a study to tell you that. When you eat lots of sugary treats or fried goodies, you usually have an energy crash. One of the first observations that people who have recently switched to a healthy diet will make, is how much more energy they have. The more you care for your body, the happier you’ll be, and that positivity will shine out through your skin. So ditch the fried and fatty foods that cause breakouts, and give yourself some love in the form of green tea, foods rich in omega-3s and plenty of nuts (as long as you’re not allergic).

Of course, exercise is an important element to longevity and youthful living as well. Even when its not summer, and the cold, rainy weather makes exercising outside less of an option, you should still make the effort to get in at least a half hour of exercise a day. Yoga makes it easy to still be able to get your exercise even when you can leave the house. Build a half hour of yoga, walking, running or whatever kind of exercise you can into your schedule. This will program the practice into your mind. It will be like P.E., except instead of having a bossy coach, it’s your turn to be the coach! Don’t over exert yourself. If it’s been awhile, start slow by just doing a half hour of stretches. Even these can be helpful in promoting better circulation and reducing muscle and joint inflammation.

A Crystal Tip: When your diet is turning you into a hungry and emotional monster, don’t quit; meditate. Meditating with sunstone or blue apatite settles frustrations, and helps you to see your healthy goals over your negative temptations.

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