A 21-Day Self Empowerment Ritual Using Healing Crystals

A 21-Day Self Empowerment Ritual Using Healing Crystals

The best way to empower others, is to first empower yourself. It sounds simple, but building a healthy self-esteem that is bolstered by positive choices, ambitions and a clear direction is a process. The first task in self empowerment is learning self-love. Knowing that you deserve to be empowered is essential. Once you are in a place of accepting empowerment, you can begin to set your goals. Envision who it is you want to be in every aspect of your life. If you’re not sure exactly what it is that you want, think about your strengths. Are you great at communicating? Do you often find solutions to problems that others couldn’t see? How can you use those strengths in a career? Before you can pave a path to your future, you have to visualize it.

Self empowerment is more than just building yourself up, though. You also have to recognize your weaknesses, so that you can tear those down. Whether it is a negative relationship pattern or a destructive desire to self-sabotage, you have to acknowledge that behavior within yourself, and seek to actively change it. Set intentions for the near and distant future. As you check off targets, you will begin to feel emboldened by encouraging results, and a chain reaction of more positive choices will follow. Use this simple, but powerful self empowerment crystal ritual to cut through the layers of doubt to rein-still faith and belief in yourself.

A 21-Day Self Empowerment Ritual to Believe in Yourself

What you’ll need:

Time Frame: 11 minutes for 21 days (we recommend doing this first thing in the morning, right when you wake up)

Self Empowerment Ritual Steps:

  1. Thoroughly sage your space to clear and remove negative energy
  2. Cleanse your jewelry and crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  3. Place your Power Wrap on your left wrist and your Empowerment Bracelet on your right wrist. By wearing a bracelet on both wrists, it creates a shield of power around your energy field. Superheroes always wear bracelets on their wrists to create a force field of energy around their body.It’s as if you become your own empowered superhero.
  4. With your jewelry on, find a comfortable seated position, and place a Desert Rose Selenite in each hand. Close your eyes, and gently roll the stones around in the palms of your hands. As you feel the ridges of the desert rose selenite, take time to look at yourself as your own personal puzzle. Think of your whole life as an ever-changing, ever-shifting puzzle. As you grow, the puzzle grows with you and the pieces, and missing pieces change as well. Sometimes, you can try to shove a certain piece into a whole, but no matter how hard you try, the piece just doesn’t fit.
  5. Thinking of this visual, ponder these questions: What are the areas of your puzzle that you need to concentrate on today to make it whole? Are there extra pieces that you’re holding onto that just don’t fit anymore? What are things you can shift in this moment to create a more complete puzzle to be your best self?
  6. Take some time to sit with these questions. Know that all the answers lie within you. Empower yourself to complete one more puzzle piece each day.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for the next 21 days.

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