7 Energy Bracelets Perfect for Summer

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Whether you are planning to spend your summer at the beach, traveling the world, exploring new interests or relaxing at home, you can benefit from the healing power of crystals in Energy Muse’s energy bracelets. Each one is much more than just a bracelet—they are wearable energy bracelets with meaning. They can help you make your dreams come true by enhancing different aspects of your life. Energize your summer wardrobe with these 7 Energy Bracelets, just perfect for achieving everything you want this Summer!

  1. Our best-selling Power Wrap combines the energies of 9 powerful crystals and their meanings to help you tap into your inner power and strengths. Its multi-colored, layered look will match with almost any outfit! And each of the gemstones will help to enhance a different aspect of your life: Leopard Skin Jasper to ground you, Yellow Tiger’s Eye for movement, Red Tiger’s Eye to motivate you, Yellow Jasper for courage, Silver leaf Jasper for awareness, Rhyolite to keep you living in the present, Carnelian for inner strength and confidence, Serpentine to assist you with any transformations and Turquoise to enhance your health and well-being. If you are hesitating on which energy bracelet to choose, our Power Wrap would be a wise choice, since it gives you a little taste of many different healing crystals
  2. Radiate confidence by wearing Carnelian! Our Confidence Bracelet reminds you to believe in yourself by boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. Once introduced into your energy field, Carnelian awakens hidden talents, passion and creativity. It is the ideal energy bracelet to wear on interviews and when you embark down a new path, as it will bring you good luck and opportunity in these scenarios.
  3. The Pure Energy Bracelet Set is a trio of healing gemstone bracelets designed to clear and purify your body’s energy. Using her knowledge of numerology, co-founder Heather Askinosie patterned this bracelet set using the number 5—which is said to be one of the most dynamic and energetic numbers. Amazonite brings an uplifting and calming energy while Clear Quartz helps to magnify your personal intention. The key to this energy bracelet set is the Black Tourmalinated Quartz. This gemstone combines the energies of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline to create one of the most powerful gemstones for cleansing the energy of the body. When it touches your skin, it works to unlock all the energy blockages in your body, so that energy can flow smoothly and balance can be achieved. Wear these healing gemstone bracelets every day to maintain clear and pure energy!
  4. Align with the energy of water with our Refresh Bracelet, made with beautiful Aquamarine! In ancient tales, Aquamarine was said to be from mermaid’s treasure chests, making it a symbol of youth and eternal happiness. Sailors also used this gemstone as a talisman for protection, good luck and fearlessness when traveling. Aquamarine is a powerful gemstone to bring courage, inner strength and calming energies to the wearer. Wear your Refresh Bracelet each day to connect with the natural and fluid energy of water, especially beneficial to water astrological signs—Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.
  5. Dreams come true each and every day. And you can manifest your dreams and attract miracles! Our Manifest Miracles bracelet set was created to help you do just that! Rudraksha Seed Beads are miracle seed beads that have been long been worn by yogis because of their high spiritual vibration. Citrine is the most powerful manifestation gemstone there is, filling your world with light and abundance. Yellow Jade strengthens your motivation and willpower while Yellow Jasper helps remain grounded. It also emits strong vibrations of positive energy, reducing any feelings of self-doubt and fear about the future. Quartz Crystal helps you to remain focused and clear about your dreams, so that you can manifest them faster!
  6. Choose your favorites and layer our four Mantra Wraps to enhance your yoga practice! Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, summer is the perfect time for yoga. These healing gemstone bracelets are each connected to a powerful mantra for Peace, Positivity, Wellness and to help you Evolve. We recommend that before you wear your piece, you do at least 108 repetitions of the Mantra aloud or in your head, as you hold your Mantra Wrap in your hands. Then, your piece will be ready to wear and transform your yoga practice!
  7. Connect to the energy of the Sun with our Sun Bracelet! Many ancient civilizations actually worshipped the Sun, making it one of the earliest symbols of power and happiness.  This energy bracelet combines the energy of 4 crystals and their meanings to connect you with the healing power and light of the sun. When placed under it, Citrine holds the energy of the sun, bringing happiness and lifting your spirits. Yellow Jasper brings positive vibes and helps you to remain grounded. Pyrite brings you good luck and protects you against negative energy. Tiger’s Eye captures a spiritual energy that combines the energies of the sun and Earth.

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