5 Ways to Heal Your Body with Crystals

5 Ways to Heal Your Body Using Crystals

In a world full of environmental toxins and the daily stress from juggling the demands of work and family, it’s an everyday challenge to stay healthy and energized. The key to well being is first recognizing weaknesses or deficiencies in the body’s energy fields and then taking mindful steps to return the body and mind to homeostasis or natural state of joy.

Our chakras might be invisible to the human eye but these energy centers are home to physical and mental functions that are vital for living a vibrant and abundant life. If you’re feeling frazzled from mental stress, physical illness, or both, start the healing process by gently re-aligning your chakras with healing crystals incorporated into your daily health routine.

1. Open Your Heart and Heal the Soul

Encompassing the center of love, the heart chakra is the main energy point that affects your health and internal balance. When energy becomes unblocked and begins to flow, any stagnant feelings of resentment and anger transform into forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love, all of which have the power to heal the world.

Known as the “rescue stone,”Rhodonite opens the heart to accepting others and also helps calm fiery emotions with its soothing vibrations. If you’re experiencing heartache as a result of conflicts in relationships, this powerful but gentle crystal is an essential part of your healing arsenal. Other heart chakra stones include Rose Quartz and Fuchsite, which work well as necklaces worn close to the chest.

2. Boost Healing and Intuition

Also called the anja or 6th chakra, the third eye chakra is where the mind cultivates intuition, which makes it key for tapping into your natural reserves of deep inner wisdom. Situated on the center of the brow bone, this powerful chakra center is linked with the purple color ray, which represents honesty and emotional intelligence. When you access these chakras using special healing crystals, it allows you to thrive at your highest potential by connecting you with a higher state of being.

Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz are all excellent third eye chakra stones. Once this chakra center is balanced, you’ll be free of fears and better connected to your intuition, which will naturally invite happiness and abundance into your life. An unblocked third eye chakra is also said to protect the body against illnesses such as brain tumors, ear and eye issues, and problems associated with the thyroid.

3. Enhance Spiritual Growth

In order to heal the body, it’s important to experience a spiritual awakening because it helps create a natural flow of energy throughout the chakra energy centers. In holistic healing, a balanced crown chakra allows us to open our minds to a higher consciousness and receive guidance from vibrations that exist in ethereal realms. Located on the top of the head, the crown chakra reconnects us to our spiritual nature and bridges the gap between the physical world and the spirit world.

Crown chakra stones make up the violet color ray, which embodies a feeling of inspiration associated with the magic and mystery of the universe. If you’re feeling lost and without a purpose, meditating with dark violet or lavender crystals such as Lepidolite, unblocks the crown chakra and allows us to follow our heart’s true intention.

Give yourself the gift of a renewed sense of meaning and purpose with large quartz points incorporated into your meditation practice. These powerful crystals create a vibration of white light that permeates your space and amplifies the energy of your aura. The Quartz Crystal pyramid is another powerful tool for encouraging peaceful contemplation, especially with its ability to radiate and magnify energy through its sacred geometric shape.

4. Rock Your Yoga Practice with Chakra Cleansing

In our hectic and fast-paced world, yoga allows us to bring attention back to our mental and physical state, which often gets overlooked. With each pose, our chakras become balanced, making us more receptive to receiving the benefits of healing crystals. During your yoga practice, place a variety of stones around your mat, such as Clear Quartz crystal, Aventurine, Yellow jasper, and Angelite.

Gem expert and Energy Muse co-founder Heather Askinosie recommends placing two Selenite cleansing stones at the top corners of the mat and two Shungite stones on the outsides of the bottom of your mat. This healing crystal layout helps to re-align root chakras for grounding and balance, a simple way to make your yoga practice rock.

5. The Chakra Opening Ritual

Channel deep inner peace and a more positive and energized state of mind by balancing and aligning all your chakras. Using a simple cleansing ritual, sage the space and cleanse your gemstones with a selenite cleansing stone or other favorite method. Every morning, place the three Chakra Healing Bracelets on your left wrist and witness the beautiful and vibrant color palette that echoes the beauty of a rainbow from the heavens. Follow the same ritual with the Grounding Anklet to remind you of your connection to the Earth. As you go about your day, be mindful of the subtle but powerful changes in your life as you make your way out of darkness and into the light. When you go to bed, place a Petrified Wood stone to your chest and let it nurture your heart and reawaken your internal wisdom.

Rocks might seem like the most stable, stationary objects on Earth but are often associated with otherworldly dimensions. Created over the millennia with materials from our vast universe, these prehistoric stones contain the power of life-giving elements and reflect the natural splendor of nature. And when it comes to healing the body, crystals are the stepping-stones to a healthier mind and body.


  • Reply February 1, 2017

    Sapna Gautam

    Fantastic! Earlier, I don’t believe much that these crystals can actually heal us from the daily ups and down of our life but after reading your this blog, I really started believing there must be some sort of power in these natural stones which are actually healing humans. I would love to try these once while meditation.

  • Reply May 21, 2017


    I love your idea about placing stones around the yoga mat when to enhance your practice. I am new to yoga and this sounds great! Thank you for sharing.

  • Reply March 15, 2018

    elizabeth pereira

    Can you help me with somecystal stones which will enhance my life

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