5 Healing Crystals Everyone Needs for 2017

5 Healing Crystals Everyone Needs for 2017

Get ready for 2017, the official year of the “re” words—reconnecting, revitalizing, rejuvenation, regrowth, and the like. This year, try something different and start incorporating healing crystals into your daily routine, a perfect way to ground yourself and reconnect with Earth. Whatever your goals and wishes you envision for yourself in the next 365 days, we’ve rounded up the best selection of healing crystals essential to beginning your spiritual journey.

Blue Lace Agate

Add this stunning and dynamic semiprecious stone to your healing crystal collection and ring in the New Year with a fresh perspective. Whether your passions are environmentalism, politics, or creative pursuits, blue lace agate helps us speak up for what we believe in so that we have the courage to take a stand and be heard. Matching its bold patterns of creamy bands that contrast with a soft blue color, this beautiful and powerful gemstone echoes the spirit of the sky and brings a sense of peace and serenity. This is especially important when you’re faced with a challenge or stressful situation because it helps the body enter a state of deep relaxation that is further enhanced by meditation practice.

Make the most of 2017 with a stone that eases anxiety and soothes inflamed emotions. If you find yourself swept up in turbulent times, use blue lace agate to expand the mind to higher realms of consciousness. While focusing on your healing intention, hold a piece in each hand to assist in completely relaxing the body. Another way to rebalance a frazzled mind and body is to combine the stone with rose quartz, which creates a gentle energy field that flows with love and tranquility. This also works great in the bathtub for dissolving everyday worries and cares.

Another healing benefit of this stone is its ability to clear any emotional blockages. If you need assistance with communication or need to extinguish the flames of anger in your heart, place a piece over the throat chakra, which also helps ease inflammation in the area. That way, when it’s time to speak up or sing your heart out, your voice will be strong and bold. When opportunity rocks, use blue lace agate to give you the strength to fight for your most cherished passions.

Tree Agate

When the Pantone Color Institute named ‘Greenery’ the 2017 Color of the Year, it signaled the trend of people’s strong desire to reconnect with nature. Like the blue lace agate, this gemstone deepens meditation practice by opening up your mind and body up to Earth and all its natural wonders and abundance. If your goals for the New Year involve the other kind of greenery, bring good fortune into your life by clearing and balancing the mind and body of negative energy and begin to transform 2017 into the year of endless possibilities. Standing out among the other gemstones, its interesting patterns of swirling dark green intertwined against a smooth, understated beige echoes the colors of Earth’s dense forests. These distinct shades instantly bring to mind the natural beauty of the great outdoors with a wonderful contrast of the vibrancy of foliage and the subtle details found in green environments. Next time you feel overwhelmed with the daily stress of modern life, keep tree agate close to the body and go for a walk in the woods, making sure not to rush but to bathe in the sunlight and shadows of a spectacular forest.

Ocean Jasper

While the tree agate connects us with Earth, ocean jasper brings us back to the ocean, the life-giving waters that make the planet wondrous and enchanting. Dazzling the eye with its unique colors, including yellow, white, pink, gold, green, black, and brown, its circles, specks and swirls represent the miraculous circle of life. Also called petrified rhyolite due to its composition, this recently discovered stone was formed millions of years ago from ingenuous rocks that evolved into microcrystalline quartz. Harnessing the prehistoric force of our vast oceans, this one-of-a-kind gemstone reminds us to value the planet and natural resources by bringing us to a deeper connection to water, our most precious element.

Similar to the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy, ocean jasper also eases depression and lifts the spirit by working to clear blockages from the nervous system. It also energizes the solar plexus chakras, which helps relieve chronic stress and reduces adrenal exhaustion. This year, take on the triumphs and challenges of 2017 with a renewed sense of vitality and calm. An effective way to transform negative feelings is to place a piece over the solar plexus chakra and two pieces side by side over the kidneys and adrenal glands. A fundamental stone for your New Year collection, bring ocean jasper into your life and experience a renewed sense of joy that comes from embracing life and all it has to offer.


We live in an imperfect world, and whether we like it or not, we’re constantly being bombarded with environmental toxins, everyday stress, and the demands of modern life. If you find yourself struggling to keep it all together, you might miss out on the beautiful moments of 2017. Follow in the spirit of ‘carpe diem’ and use hematite to ground and center the physical body to the present moment. Another benefit of hematite is its ability to act as a protective shield from negative energy and psychic debris. Begin the New Year with a renewed sense of confidence in your talents and abilities by wearing hematite as a necklace or carrying it with you as a touchstone. Its silver sheen also creates a striking contrast when placed near other bright colored stones in your collection.


Known for its intense colors ranging from green to blue-green and turquoise, chrysocolla is a wonderful stone for new beginnings, especially since we’re entering a new cycle numerically. In crystal healing, this stone rocks when it comes to energizing the heart chakras, which is the center of expression. These characteristics make it a must-have for any kind of creative project. Made from orthorhombic and hydrated copper silicate, this gemstone works well for encouraging clear communication of your artistic vision and exposing the true desires of the heart.

Discover healing crystals that enhance your body and soul, transform negative emotions, and invite love, pure joy, and prosperity into you life.


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