5 Favorite Energy Muse Graduation Gifts

Graduation is an exciting, yet slightly scary time in an individual’s life. It is the start of a new beginning, a chance to finally start making dreams into a reality. Energy Muse Jewelry is the perfect graduation gift, as it combines the power of crystal energy and their own unique intention to create a powerful tool to help them manifest their future. Give that graduate that special graduation gift to help jump-start their new life journey!Here are our 5 Favorite Energy Muse graduation gifts:

  1. Empowerment, to discover your potential. This piece was designed to help you realize your unique potential, helping you to feel empowered, grateful and passionate. Azurite is worn to expand the mind and enhance inspiration. Hematite helps to dissolve negative energy and disperse tension. Amethyst helps to promote clear judgement and facilitate the decision making process. Sodalite calms the mind, paving the way for the future ahead. Clear Quartz helps to magnify and clarify your intentions. Gift your graduate the Empowerment Bracelet or Necklace to help them realize their true greatness!
  2. Grounding, to live an abundant life. To live an abundant life, you must be grounded and connected to the Earth at all times, in order to receive its bountiful blessings. As soon as Hematite touches your skin, it grounds you and reconnects you to the vibrations of the Earth. It is a powerful protection stone that helps you to stay focused in any situation. It absorbs negative energy, helping you to feel calm in times of stress or worry–perfect to wear on your first day of a new job! Jasper is a lucky gemstone that also radiates grounding and healing energy. And the best part is, there are so many styles of Grounding to choose from: a bracelet, necklace, anklet, a wrap for men and a wrap for women. Give your graduate a gift that will constantly recharge their energy!
  3. Destiny, for new beginnings and guidance. This piece was created to help support your destiny. Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of destiny, change and wishes. It helps to clear any obstacles in your path in your journey forward. It holds the energy of love, wisdom and protection. It is the perfect piece for your graduate to wear as a reminder that each and everyday, they are closer to reaching their destiny.
  4. Good Fortune, for opportunities and abundance. This best-selling necklace combines 3 particularly auspicious elements from the Chinese culture. 3 Chinese Coins tied with red string is believed to be an ancient and powerful manifesting tool for attracting wealth, opportunities and success. Jade has been added to bring prosperity. Ensure that your graduate’s future is filled with good fortune, wealth and opportunities.
  5. Power, to harness your inner strength and wisdom. Our Power wrap combines the energies of 9 different stones, each bringing a powerful energy to create balance in your life: Leopard Skin Jasper for grounding, Yellow Tiger’s Eye for movement, Red Tiger’s Eye for motivation, Yellow Jasper for courage, Silver Leaf Jasper for awareness, Rhyolite to keep you in the present, Serpentine to assist you in your transformation and Turquoise to anchor you health-wise. This is a piece that your graduate can wear everyday to help them achieve their dreams.




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