4 Crystals to Connect with Angels and Ethereal Energy

4 Crystals to Connect with Angels

When angels are invited into a space, their angelic spirit raises the vibrations throughout a room and simultaneously lifts your energy. These angels provide us with guidance and direct us on our lifelong journey to reach our highest potential. They also support our ambitious nature and protect us from being deterred from turning our dreams into a reality. Most importantly, when angels surround us, we are constantly in the presence of unconditional love and enduring company, which diminishes feelings of loneliness and discontent. With your healing crystals to connect with angels, your angels will always be waiting patiently by your side until that day does come to light. 

Overall, when you are willing to invite an angel into your life and feel compelled to accept their presence, you will be overcome by their radiating positivity. Today we share with you our favorite crystals that can help foster this relationship between you and your guardian angels in order to promote a harmonious environment filled with divine strength and absolute love.

Crystals to Connect with Angels

Angel Phantom Quartz

Angel Phantom Quartz can be used as a channel of communication between you and your guardian angel. The purpose of angel phantom quartz is to nurture the connection you share with your divine protector. While our guardian angels are watching over us at all times, the only way for us to receive their aid is if we directly place our faith in them and ask for their help. Use these crystals to connect with angels and to call upon a specific angel, whether it is an angel of love, courage, strength, or even a group of angels combined, in order to gain a spiritual insight into your present situation. 


Celestite is an ethereal stone used for bridging the gap between you and the spiritual world. The celestite crystal’s heavenly blue tones carry you into a deep sense of peace ad instill a feeling of happiness within you. Its protective energy strengthens an angel’s shielding love, which is used to surround us and keep us safe. Like the uplifting spirit that resides at your side, celestite provides an external source of tranquility and harmony into your space. Paired together, the power of celestite and the angels around us can be exceptionally helpful in relieving intense states of stress and anxiety.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz brings clarity, strength, and energizes your chakras with its angelic vibrations that expel onto you. The etheric properties coursing through this crystal makes it a powerful energetic tool for you to use when connecting with angels and creating a welcoming environment.  Made up of golden rutiles, these threads of minerals are representative of the divine light that is cast upon you from surrounding spirits. Rutilated quartz is commonly known to amplify your intentions and manifest them into something tangible. You can use rutilated quartz to call upon a specific angel and seek whichever form of guidance you are hoping to encounter.


Angelite is a very gentle crystal, similar to the kindhearted spirit of your guardian angel.  It can be used to enter an angelic realm in which answers await questions you wish to ask the universe. The healing properties provided by this crystal include its ability to heighten your awareness increasing your level of divine protection. It is also known to bring spiritual inspiration and stimulate healing energies throughout your body. Angelite is great for brining angels into your space, especially when you place your faith your guardian angel and angelite’s healing properties.

Before, many of you may not have been aware that angels surround you with every step you take. By now we hope you are able to open your heart to their divine presence. When you are ready to call upon angels from above, call upon your crystals to connect with angels. Angel Phantom Quartz, Celestite, Rutilated Quartz, and Angelite all carry angelic properties that make them gateways to the spiritual world. They can be used to set intentions with the added support provided by your angels, or then can be used as a direct line between you and your guardian spirit. Even though they remain at a distance, there are angels all around us ready to spread their light and love onto us. First, we just need to invite them into our hearts and then they can lift our spirits and bring us back into good faith. 


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