3 Energizing Juice Recipes

energizing juice recipes

Rise and shine! The sun is up and it is time to start your morning. Why not give yourself a little energy boost with these energizing juice recipes? Drinking a glass of freshly juiced, vegetable and fruit juice in the morning gives you a natural boost of energy, that won’t leave you feeling anxious or hyper like coffee sometimes does. It is also the perfect way to get in all your servings of fruit and vegetables that are essential for your health.

Try these 3 energizing juice recipes from Health.com and let us know what you think! Combine the following ingredients in a juicer. Pour juice into your glass, over ice if you like, and enjoy! Each recipe makes about 12 ounces of juice.

Coconut-Kale-Ginger Juice
4-6 cups fresh torn kale
2 Granny Smith Apples
4 ounces coconut water
ginger root to taste.

Beet-Apple-Ginger Juice
1 large beet
1 cucumber
1 apple (anyone you like)
ginger root to taste

Pineapple-Green-Apple Juice
3 cups cut up pineapple
2 large green apples
½ lemon
8-10 mint leaves

It is best to drink your juice right after it is pressed, since the juice begins to oxidize as soon as it meets the air—compromising the nutritional value. However, you can also store your juices in an airtight or tightly sealed glass jar in the refrigerator, slowing the process. The best time to drink your juice is on an empty stomach, or at least one hour before eating a new meal. This maximizes the amount of nutrients that your body absorbs, so that you get the full health benefits of your energizing juice recipes.

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