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Garnet and Black Tourmaline Sphere


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You may have connected with black tourmaline for protection, and garnet for passionate energy, but have you ever connected with garnet black tourmaline to do both at the same time? The stones combined within these spheres create a powerful root chakra connection that will have you grounded firmly in your goals. Often, what keeps us from attaining our ambitions, are all the self-criticisms and doubts that derail our progress. This garnet black tourmaline sphere is an important tool to work with because it helps you to cleanse your spirit of that negative energy.

Small ~ 1.5" to 2" • Medium ~2" to 2.5"


Whether the fears and anxieties are coming from within, or being placed on you from someone else, you can eliminate their influence over you by rooting into a more positive, purified energy. Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protection because absorbs the negativity that causes chaos in the mind, so that you can pause and gain perspective. Working with black tourmaline shields your aura so that you can think from a more productive mindset. That’s where the garnet within these garnet black tourmaline spheres comes into play.

The motivating energy that garnet fills you with isn’t just a quick boost in the sacral chakra. Garnet fuses with the root chakra to lend lasting determination to your ambitions. If you find that you have the best of intentions, but flake out mid way through a project or goal you set, you need to work with garnet to add stability into your spirit.

Holding your garnet black tourmaline sphere, use the first portion of your meditation practice to get grounded and release negative energy. Then use the latter half of your meditation practice to visualize what you want, and the steps you need to take to manifest that reality. Charge your spirit with the revitalizing and reprogramming energy of garnet. Connect with this sphere when you feel yourself drifting away from your goal, or seeding the inclination to flake out entirely. This garnet black tourmaline sphere can keep you on track with the progress you want to make, but you have to commit to the process. If you’re ready to get cleansed and empowered to take on your life, you’re ready to work with this sphere.

These garnet black tourmaline spheres will all vary slightly in size and pattern. Due to the nature of tourmaline, they are not perfectly polished spheres, with natural indentations from the stone. Because we have a limited number of these spheres, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final.   


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Amazing Review by Jimmy
Absolutely stunning! I own a lot of Black Tourmaline and this is by far the best looking I have ever seen. I love the imperfections and the high gloss finish, great to hold in hand. (Posted on 12/4/2016)

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