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Blessings Mala Bracelet


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Cleansing • Balance • Positivity
Made with Rainbow Fluorite, the Blessings Mala Bracelet helps to restore balance and order in your life. It clears your mind of confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity to promote a more positive attitude. Rainbow Fluorite is powerful for energy clearing, helping to neutralize and absorb any negative energy in your energy field.

Size: 7.5” elastic • 1.5” tassel 


Mala beads are very powerful tools to use in your meditation or yoga practice and to connect you with your spirituality through everyday wear. The Blessings Mala Bracelet is made with Rainbow Fluorite and a wooden om bead. According to crystal lore, Rainbow Fluorite was believed to be the home to rainbows, due to its beautiful vibrant colors. It acts like a vacuum cleaner for your mind, clearing it of confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity. It helps to bring order to chaos, helping to restore balance and encouraging a “go with the flow” attitude. Fluorite also neutralizes and absorbs all negative vibrations, making it an ideal healing stone to wear each and everyday. It helps to cleanse your energy field, your aura and the energy of any other stones it touches. OM is the sound of the universe. It represents the past, present and future.

The Blessings Mala Bracelet is made with 8mm Rainbow Fluorite beads. Due to the nature of the crystals, all beads will differ slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. Because of the tassel, we do not recommend getting your mala bracelet wet.



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