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Psychic Protection Bracelet


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Safe • Protected • Clear Energy Field
Made with raw Black Tourmaline, our Psychic Protection Bracelet was created to provide an invisible, energetic shield around your body to protect you from unwanted influences and negative energy. Black tourmaline holds a strong energy of protection to repel negativity, psychic attack and psychic vampires—those certain people who you find draining time and energy from you.

Each bracelet will differ slightly in appearance as all the tourmaline rods are raw. 


Everyone can use psychic protection each and every day. It’s an invisible energetic shield of energy that is placed around the body to protect you from unwanted influences, psychic attack, psychic vampires and negative energy. These influences can include negativity, feeling stuck or depressed, or just picking up someone else’s energy that is not yours. For example: You are feeling happy and energized. Then, you walk into an environment where someone just had an argument and the space feels heavy. When you leave that environment, you now feel heavy, as you have allowed your outside environment to permeate your body’s energy field. 

Black Tourmaline holds a strong energy of protection. It dissolves unwanted energy by sucking it into its black void. It acts as an armor of protection to repel negative energy and psychic vampires. It provides psychic attack protection as well--when a lower vibrational energy gets attached to your energy field, making you feel tired, lethargic and sometimes even physically sick. Black tourmaline helps you tap into your inner knowing to trust your intuition a protective guide. It is a very spiritually grounding stone, reinforcing the positives in life to transform your mindset to one of positivity, joy and happiness. 

Wear your Psychic Protection bracelet when you want to feel safe in your environment and repel all negative energy.

Affirmation: I am protected. A strong shield of protection surrounds me, repelling all negative energy and psychic vampires.

The Psychic Protection Bracelet is made with raw chunks and rods of Black Tourmaline, so all beads will differ slightly in appearance and size. 



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❤️ Review by mkkarma
Love my black tourmaline bracelet! (Posted on 2/5/2018)
Love it Review by MK
Love it!!! (Posted on 12/9/2017)

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