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Black Obsidian Pyramid


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Black Obsidian Point - Large
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A Black Obsidian Pyramid is a very powerful crystal for psychic protection. It helps to cleanse your environment of any disharmony, negativity and stress to ground you with the Earth. These pyramids can also be used to draw off negative energy and blockages from the root chakra.   

Note: The measurements are for the base of the pyramids.


There is a very special energy that resides within a crystal pyramid. Its shape allows for a powerful ability to harness a higher vibration of energies, radiating focused energy through its apex. Its shape enhances and focuses the healing properties of the gemstone. A crystal pyramid can also be used to draw off negative energy and blockages from your chakras. A Black Obsidian Pyramid cleanses your environment of negative energy, disharmony, anger, greed, fear, resentment and other harmful energies. As a strong grounding stone, it is a powerful tool to use to draw negative energy and remove blockages from the root chakra. 

A Black Obsidian Pyramid is also a powerful cleansing crystal for your aura and a very strong psychic protection stone. It helps to shield you, and your space, from negative energy. It is a wonderful crystal to keep on your office desk, as it helps to release disharmony and frustration that builds up in your day to day routine. It will also protect you from any negativity or stress brought on by others. 

These Black Obsidian pyramids will all vary slightly in size, shape and pattern. Because we have a limited number of these, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final.   


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