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Black Obsidian Mirror

As you gaze at your reflection in a Black Obsidian Mirror - a volcanic glass rock - allow yourself to see that happiness and fulfillment don't exist outside of you, but within you. It helps you find your temple within and allows you the time you'll need to transform your life. It helps you to shift the habits, beliefs and thoughts that have kept you stuck in old patterns. 

These obsidian mirrors are approximately 4" in diameter and 0.5" in width. 

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All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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Mirrors are often seen as objects of vanity, but Black Obsidian mirrors are concerned with deeper issues than that. The beauty that you will find while connecting to the energy of this black obsidian mirror is the kind only a truly radiate soul can possess. Getting in touch with your most spiritually appealing self is not as easy as staring into a magic mirror. True inner beauty takes work. And to see what kind of work exactly, you’re going to want to consult your Black Obsidian mirror.

Black obsidian is a stone that reveals truths. These may not be the most comfortable truths you’ve ever faced. In fact, some of them may be downright harsh. The thing that makes black obsidian meaning so powerful for those who have experienced it, is that it forces you to acknowledge behaviors or past actions that you’ve tried to ignore. Even those regrettable decisions that you’ve successfully managed to justify in your mind will have to contend with black obsidian’s no-nonsense healing energy. That’s not to say that it’s all confrontation with black obsidian stone. It’s also a crystal for release.

Use this crystal for release to cut away at the toxic behaviors you’ve allow yourself to repeat in the past. By acknowledging your faults, you take the first step toward transformation. You cannot fix the problem that you don’t allow yourself to see. Black obsidian meaning is about seeing the negative so that you can transition to your most positive potential. Even when your work with black obsidian meaning leads you to a level of self-awareness you weren’t keen on discovering, keep pushing and developing healthier behaviors. You’ll soon find that the reflection you see in your black obsidian is more satisfying than it has ever been before.  

Every one of these Black Obsidian mirrors vary slightly in shape and size. All sales are final on these crystals. 


How To Use


Sit quietly and hold your stones in your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and feel their energy. Set your intention for your stones, being very specific about what you want to bring in. The stones are listening.

Head to Chapter 5 in Crystal Muse to learn about the inner reflection ritual!

Setting Intention/Cleansing


How to Set Your Intention for your Stones:
When you first receive your Energy Muse crystals, one of the most important components is setting intentions. To activate your crystals, sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your crystals. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention.

Cleansing Your Crystals:
Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your crystals:
1. Place your crystals in the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Rinse your crystals gently with water (you can add some sea salt in it as well). Place your crystals outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your crystals in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until they are fully immersed.




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