Crystals for Beauty

In our Crystals for Beauty video mini-course (available to those who've pre-ordered our book, Crystal Muse), Heather shows how you can grid-to-glow with crystal facial grids designed to enhance both inner and outer beauty. If you’re prone to filling your online carts with the latest in beauty trends, then you’ll love these DIY tricks for crystallizing your beauty routine. Recipes include a refreshing, crystal-charged facial spritz, an anti-aging facial grid, a tension and wrinkle release facial grid and a stress-free facial grid. Watch this video mini-course to learn our favorite crystal beauty secrets that won’t be available in our crystal book! Shop the beauty crystals she highlights in the video mini-course below!

  • Aquamarine Stone

    Tranquility • Reduces Stress • BalanceAn Aquamarine Tumbled Stone resonates with the calming energy of the ocean, helping you to connect with the natural energy and spirit of the element of water. In ancient tales, Aquamarine stones were believed to be the treasure of…
  • Raw Aquamarine

    Tranquility • Reduces Stress • BalanceThere’s a reason that the inner mermaid in you is drawn to Aquamarine. According to ancient Greek lore, Aquamarine was a stone of Sirens, so sailors used it to protect themselves against the perilous Siren call. Instead of using Raw Aquamarine…

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