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Basalt Lava Stone


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Size: ~.75" to 1"


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Aborbs Negativity • Unblock Emotions • Courage
Meditate with Basalt Lava Tumbled Stone to ground yourself in the energy of transformation. Connect with the energy of basalt to shift your mentality. During difficult transitions, let this stone provide confidence, stability and support. With the calm, goal-oriented focus that Basalt lava stones lend, you;ll feel encouraged and motivated to keep pursuing positive progress. 


Basalt has the ultimate before-and-after, transformation story. Once, it was volcanic magma, leading a tumultuous and never stationary life. As it rose toward the surface, its fiery disposition cooled, and it became a source of stability and support for much of Earth’s surface and ocean basins.

For centuries, Basalt Lava stone has been used in a variety of ways from decorative to curative. In ancient Rome, the natural durability and hardness of basalt made it the optimal choice for paving roads. Ancient Egyptians, however, used the black stone for carving immense statues.

Today, it’s used in spas for hot stone treatments. The inspirational journey Basalt  takes toward the Earth’s surface bestows it with an energy that is both intense and soothing. As an energetically absorbent stone, it removes negative energy and stagnant emotions that block your energy from circulating. It is thought of as a stone of courage and stability.

During difficult transitions, Basalt provides confidence and support. It’s use in therapeutic hot stone massages employs Basalt’s energetic and physical heat to suck away pain with the nurturing warmth necessary to heal. Meditate with a basalt lava stone to ground yourself in the energy of transformation.

Not all changes in life have to include a complete metamorphosis. Maybe you just need a little more consistency when it comes to healthy choices. You can connect to the energy of basalt to shift your mentality. With the calm, goal-oriented focus that basalt lends, you’ll feel encouraged to keep pursuing positive progress. Even when you slip backwards in your behaviors, basalt will provide you the emotional support you need to get right back into your motivated mindset.

Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings. All stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.


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