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Balance Bracelet Set


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Each bracelet is 7.25" in diameter.


Quick Overview

Centering  • Alignment  • Focus
Combining the energy of three individual bracelets, the Balance Bracelet Set amplifies your intention to create more balance in your life. One of the bracelets is specifically designed to cleanse and balance your chakras to create more alignment in your mind, body and spirit. Another bracelet brings clarity to give a sense of stability and clear-headedness. The third and final bracelet is filled with grounding stones to help you connect with your foundation and find your center.


When you feel out of alignment or like you’ve lost your footing, the Balance Bracelet Set can root you back in your center. The stones within this crystal bracelet set come together to strengthen your foundation and your connection to the earth, while creating more balance within your mind, body and spirit, as well.

Garnet and Red Jasper to balance your root chakra. Garnet promotes increased energy and Red Jasper inspires you to take action.

Carnelian balances your sacral chakra and heightens your sense of passion..

Tiger’s Eye and Rutilated Quartz to balance your solar plexus chakra. Tiger’s Eye strengthens your sense of willpower and Rutilated Quartz promotes healing.

Malachite and Amazonite to balance your heart chakra. Malachite emotionally prepares you for transformation and Amazonite fills your heart with joy and optimism.

Angelite balances your throat chakra and brings harmony. .

Amethyst balances your third eye chakra and helps you tap into your intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone and Clear Quartz to balance your crown chakra. Rainbow Moonstone for divine connection and Amethyst for intuition.

Hematite infuses your core with strong grounding energies to help you physically, emotional and spiritually recenter.

Mariam Jasper helps to shift your focus from our busy fast-paced world to the grounding force of nature.

Clear Quartz activates and amplifies your programmed intention. The more you program your mind, body and spirit with clear thoughts, intentions and light, the faster results will manifest.

Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals.

How to Use Your Balance Bracelet Set:

Wear these bracelets on your left wrist to receive the energy of your intention.


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