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Axiom Candle

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With two scents, Kaffir Lime & Saffron and Cardamom Rose, our Axiom Candles are perfect for bringing balance to your space. Saffron invokes blessings and purifies your space, while the lime is very energizing. A candle combination with cardamom and rose is ideal for rekindling love and romance. 

Made with Soy • Burns for 20 hours


The Greek origin of the word axiom means to be in balance. These Axiom candles play with the ideals of balance and structure, their design inspired by the geometric patterns found in crystal formations. Our two scents, Kaffir Lime & Saffron and Cardamom Rose, each have different energetic offerings perfect for your home and sacred space.

Kaffir Lime and Saffron: The combination of lime and saffron is ideal for the holiday season. Saffron invokes blessings and purifies a space, while lime energizes. Its citrus sent with a layering of saffron make it a great gift. Pair it with the energy of our fresh start bracelet for a powerful energetic gift.

Cardamom Rose: This scent is ideal for those seeking love and romance. Cardamom Rose is spicy, warming, resinous scent. This candle would ideally be used in the bedroom or shared living space to invite in romantic energy. Pair this candle with our rose quartz love bracelet for a powerful energetic gift. 

These candles are made of soy and burn for 20 hours. These tins with a screw-top lid are approximately 3.25” wide by 1.25” high. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final on candles.  


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