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Astrophyllite Crystal Point


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If an Astrophyllite crystal point had one message to share with us, it would be know yourself. Its energy illuminates your truest self, guiding you to discover your life purpose and observe the synchronicities that surround you all the time. Connecting with astrophyllite energizes your entire being with light, encouraging you to come to terms with anything from your past that you've had trouble digesting and accepting wholeheartedly. Connecting with these crystal points will empower you to make honest changes within your life to transform your journey in a meaningful way. 

Size: 2.5” to 2.75” tall


The secret that Astrophyllite has to share with those who listen is know yourself. It illuminates your true self, guiding you towards your life purpose. Connecting with your astrophyllite crystal point encourages you to notice the synchronicities that occur in your every day life; the ones that surround you all the time if you just take the time to listen. These events may appear random at first, but as you pay more attention to them, you begin to perceive these as messages from the Universe. This crystal point is a magnet for these occurrences and opens you up to being more aware of them to understand their meaning. The flickers of gold and red within these crystal points lift your spirits and make the heart a little fuller.

Astrophyllite is a very, very high-vibrational crystal that energizes your entire being with light, while also having a very grounding energy. The astrophyllite metaphysical properties encourage you to truly love yourself, and come to terms with anything from your past that you’ve had trouble “digesting.” This crystal provides emotional support, but in a more unconventional way. Astrophyllite gently helps you become aware of and acknowledge any negative patterns, habits or thought processes that you’re holding onto on a cellular level. It is only when we are aware of these often hidden patterns that we can begin to heal and release them.

Astrophyllite is a crystal for accessing your shadow self, that one we often like to overlook, yet exists within all of us. Once you fully know yourself and accept yourself wholeheartedly for who you are, this self-knowledge will empower you to make honest changes throughout your life. You will be able to take huge strides and make the necessary transformations to move your life forwards in a meaningful way.

Creating a ritual of using your astrophyllite crystal point strengthens your energy field and aura, acting as a shield of protection for negative and harmful energies. Similar to shungite, it is said to mediate the effects of electromagnetic energy, such as those produced by the common electronics that we come into contact with everyday. 

Due to the rarity of these astrophyllite crystal points, we have a very limited number of these crystals, and we are not able to get more in the foreseeable future. Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings. Each crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings. No coupon codes are valid and all are sales final on these crystals.


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