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Apophyllite Crystal • 8.8lbs


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Positivity • Stress Relief • Growth
As you hold an Apophyllite crystal cluster, notice that your breath begins to flow more fluidly. This crystal takes you out of the chaos of your thoughts. Connected with the crown chakra, it is said to have the ability to purify the mind. Used in meditation, Apophyllite can assist in the release of toxic overthinking, anxiety and past pain. Allow it to bring the joy back into your life.


Intense flashes dart off the many multicolored surfaces of this water-rich Apophyllite Cluster. Inspiring you to mimic the fluidity and vigor of the water within it, the metaphysical power of Apophyllite reduces stress, anxiety and fears by encouraging you to go with flow and let your doubts be washed away. The high vibrational power of Apophyllite combines with the high water content to make this crystal an adept conductor of energy. Use it to connect with your third eye, crown and higher chakras for deep introspection. Calm reflection can settle the mind of the chaos that anxiety stirs up, and leave it feeling elevated above the situations that you were too close to, to see clearly. The Stilbite within these clusters is especially useful in assisting those intuitive powers.

With gentle, loving support, Apophyllite provides emotional grounding so that you can have a more realistic insight to things. Working with Apophyllite clusters allows emotional imbalances to find equilibrium as the flood of energy moves through the chakras. With the raised perspective that Apophyllite helps you to see from, try to recognize patterns that don’t serve your personal growth.

Bringing you to analyze how to break these cycles and instill healthier behaviors instead, is part of how this cluster can bring happiness and a revitalized sense of energy into your life. Open your mind to welcome tranquility, love, and intuition, and your outlook on the future will brighten as well. There is only one of these clusters - you will be receiving the one that is pictured.

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