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Aphrodite Necklace


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Beauty • Love • Creativity
Made with Rose Quartz, the Aphrodite Necklace brings a harmonious energy to your heart, mind and soul. It encourages you to embrace your individual beauty and femininity, and to love yourself unconditionally. 

Length: 21.5"


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. To the Romans, she is known as Venus. Aphrodite encourages us to embrace our individual beauty and femininity, to love ourselves as we are and to accept our imperfections. LOVE is found within. To love ourselves fully is to love others fully. Embrace your creativity. Embrace your femininity. Embrace your Self-Worth. And, most importantly, embrace LOVE.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is a calming, gentle and tender stone that provides a harmonious energy to the heart, mind and soul. Call upon Aphrodite, the Love Goddess, when you wish to ignite the true essence of your femininity.

Affirmation:  I AM blessed with love and beauty. Aphrodite is within me

The Aphrodite Necklace is 21.5” in length and on gold-plated chain. Due to the nature of the Rose Quartz pendant, they will all differ slightly in color, shape and size. 


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