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Angel Phantom Quartz Crystal • 21g


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Self-Empowerment • Strength • Protection
Keep an Angel Phantom Quartz crystal in your home, workplace and sacred space to know that your angels are always nearby and to connect you with the energy of Universal Love. This unpolished little crystal has inclusions of Hematite, Limonite and Kaolinite and Lithium, making it powerful for grounding, psychic protection and calming. 

Size: 21g • ~2" x 0.75" x 0.75"


This Angel Phantom Quartz crystal is also an aggregator crystal, meaning it is a larger crystal that is entirely or partially covered with smaller crystals. The large crystal is said to be an "old soul," full of wisdom and reliability, which is what attracts the smaller crystals. As aggregate implies "to gather," this powerhouse crystal is useful in family, community or group problems, helping to unify and make the group more cohesive. It is a wonderful crystal for people who have jobs where they are leaders of a group, such as teachers and team leaders. Aggregator crystals also work with the energy of fertility, both physical and intellectual, encompassing the energies of prosperity and abundance pertaining to fertility. 

Angel Phantom Quartz, also known as Amphibole Quartz, got its name because the inner phantoms and inclusions resemble the wispy wings of an angel. It increases your connection with the angelic realm, bringing your angels into your space. These beautiful crystals often include inclusions of Limonite (yellow), Hematite (red), Kaolinite (white) and Lithium (pink). These mineral inclusions offer powerful healing benefits; the grounding power of Hematite, the psychic protection of Limonite, the intuition building of Kaolinite and the stress relieving, calming energy of Lithium. All of these minerals are combined within Quartz to bring you closer to universal love and inner peace. These amiphibole quartz crystals are very rare and sought after because of the incredible combination of minerals within them. They are only found in one location in Brazil, making these crystals almost impossible to find and a desirable “crystal collector’s item.”

Angel Phantom Quartz is an invaluable crystal to have in your home. It is very protective, and is a bringer of love, beauty and joy. Surrounding it with other angelic crystals, such as Rutilated Quartz, Celestite and Angelite, to create an environment filled with positivity and light. Holding it makes you feel empowered, enabling you to see your best inner strengths.

If you have children who often have nightmares, Angel Phantom Quartz is said to be a wonderful crystal, along with a Celestite Crystal, to place under their pillow or next to their bed to ensure they are protected by the presence of their guardian angel. 

This angel phantom quartz crystal is exquisite and very high quality; it is uncut, raw and completely natural. They were handpicked by Heather & Timmi for their uniqueness and beauty. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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