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Ametrine Necklace


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Wearing an Ametrine Necklace removes negativity and energy blockages within your body and aura, replacing them with pure light. Ametrine is a true gift from nature, one with two crystals in one: Amethyst and Citrine. Each ametrine pendant focuses on spiritual clarity and releasing the things that no longer serve you, bringing you closer to finding your inner light.

Size: 22” • sterling silver chain


With Ametrine, nature gifts us two gems in one stone. Ametrine, a rare mixture of Citrine and Amethyst, helps you to reach a higher state of awareness, leading you to peace, tranquility and balance. In this crystal, the purple of amethyst bonds with the yellow of citrine; juxtaposing light and dark to create a sense of balance within the crystal. Its rarity in nature adds to the allure of the unique stone. An Ametrine necklace facilitates that removal of negativity and energy blockages within the body, replacing them with pure light.   

Each Ametrine pendant carries a harmonious blend of the energies of Amethyst and Citrine with a focus on spiritual clarity and the release of negative energy from within the aura. Citrine helps to keep the wearer light, open and optimistic. It is a stone of happiness, promoting radiance within the self. It does not hold any negative energy, dissipating and transmuting it. Citrine is believed to provide an energy conducive to prosperity. The bright yellow stone, often called the “Success Stone,” propagates a high energy that carries over into an energy of excess in other areas. It taps into the solar plexus chakra, also referred to as “the seat of will,” to drive decisiveness. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It promotes a state of stability, strength and peace, protecting you from any negativity. The amethyst in the stone has a soothing essence. It is often thought to have metaphysical abilities. By calming the mind, it is said to free creative blockages and stimulate the thought process. Amethyst taps into the crown chakras to relieve depression. It activates the higher mind, allowing for the release of tension in the mind to permeate the rest of the body.

Together in this Ametrine necklace, the amethyst and citrine deliver complex qualities to establish both peace and push. It is a stone that soothes to stimulate, from the crown to the seat. It is an ideal combination for those who desire unity, and want to express a physical representation of the light and dark symmetry that work together within them.    

This Ametrine Necklace is on a 22” long sterling silver chain. Due to the nature of the stones, all the crystal pendants will differ in color and pattern, but they are all beautiful and powerful. All sales are final on this crystal pendant necklace.


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