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Amethyst Crystal Candle


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The Amethyst Crystal Candle is the ideal candle for your sacred space or bedroom, as it fosters serenity, relaxation and restful sleep. With a hidden amethyst stone within it, burn these candles to fill your space with calming, soothing energies to deepen your spiritual practice.

Size: 4 oz. • 25-hr burn time
Scent: Lavender


Not only do candles add a touch of warmth and soothing scent to a space, but they also help to create a calming atmosphere that contributes to a spiritual journey and meditation practice. This crystal candle enhances a space even more because it has an amethyst stone hidden within it. 

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition. It attracts positive energy while ridding your space of negative energy. Burn your Amethyst crystal candle in your sacred space or meditation space to foster a state of serenity when you start your day each morning. Once you’ve burned your candle enough to discover the hidden gemstone, set an intention for the stone. You can then keep it in your purse, display it in your crystal collection or use it to meditate, reconnecting with your intention each time you see or use it. 

This candle has a calming scent of Lavender. Lavender promotes calming and relaxation. The scent also helps foster restful sleep, so try burning your candle next to your bed before you go to sleep. 

This hand-poured crystal candle is 4 oz. and is made from soy wax. It contains a natural essential and fragrance oil blend. It has a 25-hour burn time. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final on candles. 


Customer Reviews

Amethyst Crystal Candle Review by Brandy
I absolutely love this candle! I've burnt it so much that it's almost out of wax and starting to show the beautiful crystal that's at the bottom. The smell of the candle is wonderful and I feel at peace whenever I have it burning. It seems to know when I'm in need of relaxation as it lets out the smell at just the right time. I set my other amethyst crystals around it when I burn it. (Posted on 4/12/2016)

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