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Amethyst Gem Tree


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Spiritual Growth • Calming • Peace
Made with over 200 crystals, this Amethyst Gem Tree will fill your home, office or sacred space with calming, soothing and peaceful energies. Gem trees remove negative and blocked energy to ensure that energy flows smoothly throughout your space. It makes a wonderful addition to your meditation or yoga space, as well as a child's room. 

Size: ~9” x 5” x 5”


Made with over 200 small Amethyst Crystals and an amethyst geode base, the Amethyst Gem Tree will fill your space with calming and revitalizing spiritual vibrations. In Feng Shui, trees are placed in the home to symbolize stability and growth, as well as a long life. They are also symbolic of new ideas and creation, the branches symbolizing your new venture sprouting and developing. Gem trees have an added energy brought about by the particular healing crystals on the tree. An amethyst gem tree is said to be a natural chi energizer and a symbol of wealth and abundance. These are also sometimes referred to as money trees, as they hold the energy of money and prosperity in the center of your home.

Amethyst crystals make a wonderful addition to your home, office, business or sacred space as they carry one of the strongest powers to purify and rid your space of negative energy, while constantly attracting positive energy. It is also a gemstone of spiritual growth and protection, emitting soothing, peaceful energies. Surrounding yourself with the energy of Amethyst helps you to become more in tune with yourself. The base of each of these gem trees is a beautiful Amethyst Geode. 

Place your Amethyst Gem Tree in your space to bring peaceful and calming energy. If you have a business, place one in your business as it is said to bring luck and success for a business. 

Each Amethyst Gem Tree is approximately 9” x 5” x 5.” Each one will vary in size, shape and color, but each is unique and powerful. All sales are final on these gem trees. 


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