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Amazonite • 2.553LBS


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Amazonite will shift your perspective toward looking forward, so that you don’t get stuck in a cycle of looking back on things you wish you could change. Amazonite preps the mental space for release by ridding it of your fears, doubts, stress and anxiety. Cleansed of your negative focus, amazonite will leave you with enhanced intuition and rationality so that you can better understand why does no good to sweat the small stuff.

2.553LBS g / 3.5 cm x 15 cm x 11 cm

There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured. As part of our One of a Kind sale, this item is a special price, does not come with a description card and is final sale.




Feeling hopeless? Whether it’s a sudden breakup, an influx of life lessons or just Mercury retrograde hitting you with all it’s got, the cure to go from hopeless to hopeful is the same: Amazonite. Amazonite Hearts deliver sanity-saving doses of luck, hope, wisdom and love straight to the heart chakra when you them the most. If your view on future prospects has you incorporating the work “bleak” into daily vocabulary more often than usual, it’s definitely time to brighten your outlook.

Sometimes in order to change your life, you have to change your attitude first. An Amazonite Heart especially attuned to cheer you up. Like crystal cheerleaders, they raise your spirits when it seems defeat is inevitable, and give you the optimism and luck you need to go for the win. This positive perspective can inspire big changes in your life. When the pain of past mistakes is holding you captive, an Amazonite Heart helps you to break free of the grip that pain has on your perspective.

In nourishing your heart chakra, it enables you to forgive yourself those past missteps, and reframe them as learning experiences. Whether it’s an old argument you had with someone, or a disagreement that you’re currently embroiled, Amazonite can give a fresh angle to look at the situation from. This shift will provide new insight. Sometimes you just need to see things from a different point of view in order to better understand where someone else is coming from. When you’re ready to express your feelings, work with Amazonite. Even the emotions you’re normally inclined to hold back will flow easily from a place of honesty and compassion.

Use that trademark Amazonite insight to help you plot your spiritual path. With this crystal as your guide, you’re bound to have smooth travels.

There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured. As part of our One of a Kind sale, this item is a special price, does not come with a description card and is final sale.


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